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VIDEO BLOG: Staying Present When it Sucks

We so very often check out of the present moment. We have learned from a very early age that when the pain is too much, we check out. We numb. We run. We disassociate.
Watch my video and discover why it's so important to stay present when it sucks, and 5 ways to root yourself in the present.

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VIDEO BLOG: 3 Ways Not Loving Ourselves Contracts Us in Our Relationships

Self love is a beautiful journey back to seeing ourselves the way God sees us. Perfect, beautiful and whole. Self love is returning to our awareness of our soul’s loveliness and of our belonging. It’s coming back to our wholeness. When you know your own true loveliness, when you allow self love and compassion to flow freely through you then you are open to offering that to others.

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Essential Oil Post
A photo by Barbara Hegler. unsplash.com/photos/7WSlka25cJM
4 Essential Oils to Strengthen Self Love

All oils have physical properties that are amazingly supportive to the body systems and this post features 4 of my favorite oils to blend together to support and strengthen self love. This blend turns those thoughts of feeling “unloved” or “not good enough” to feelings of hope.

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Work with Me

Have you always known that you were meant for more? Have you always known that you didn’t want to just help other people create their dreams while ignoring your own or worse work at a job that you hate, but instead wanted to create your own dreams and inspire others to do the same? Fabulous! Kudos to you for this first step of awareness. You are not alone. You have the choice to create something new.

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