10 Steps to Creating Powerful Affirmations


Those who know me know that I am the affirmation lady. It is one of my gifts to create affirmations, and I use them multiple times throughout the day.

I live by this motto:

Change your thinking = change your life.


I believe that affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to change your thinking, and ultimately will bring some pretty amazing changes in your life.

The purpose of affirmations is to consciously choose sentences or words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help to create something new in your life. You literally think it into being.

If we say something enough it will become a belief in our subconscious mind. This allows us to rewrite negative thought patterns that only attract our shadow self and self sabotage. Whereas, affirmations bring about and affirm our souls true purpose and our true identity.

What would is look like if you started affirming to yourself that you are a person who is lovable, that you are worthy, that you are open to change, that you welcome abundance in your life, and that you attract everything you need on a physical level to contribute to your healing.

An affirmation is a doorway to change. It is a way to say to your subconscious: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change. I am open to that change.I am changing.” It is a statement that proclaims your best self and your best life as though it were already true.

10 Steps to Creating Powerful Affirmations



Start with the words “I AM.” When we use those two words, it says to our subconscious brain, “I will be” and takes it as a command.

twocirclegreenBe specific. You want to become really clear on what it is you are affirming, so that your brain and the universe know exactly what to create for you.


threecirclegreenWrite in the present tense. You want to communicate to your mind that you believe that this has already happened. Your goal has been achieved, and your dreams realized. Then everything in your subconscious wants to reorganize itself to become consistent with that statement and the shift begins.


fourcirclegreenState in the positive. Focus your energy and attention on what you want versus what you don’t want. Avoid wording your affirmations in the negative.


fivecirclegreenUse an action verb ending in “ing.” This helps you start to visualize yourself in the “now”, creating that action. It gets you in motion.


sixMake it brief. The best thing you can do is to make your statements brief so that it is easy to remember. This is challenging for me, I love long affirmations. So if you want to make it longer, create short sentences that feel like short commands.


sevencirclegreenUse expressive words. You want to use works that evoke emotion and compel your heart. Words like happily, grateful, excited etc. And better yet, the subconscious mind loves rhythms and rhymes so create a little jig. I even sing mine in the shower because the subconscious loves music.


eightcirclegreenMake affirmations for yourself, not others. It’s more powerful if you state your affirmations for you, rather than trying to change someone else.


ninecirclegreenBe realistic. Your mind needs to know that what you are saying has the potential of coming true. If you don’t believe it when you say it, or it doesn’t resonate with you then you won’t get very far. Stretch yourself outside your comfort zone, but still be in the realm of possibility.


tencirclegreenState your affirmations with gratitude. Phrase your affirmations in a celebratory tone. What would it feel like if those goals and dreams came to be? Write from that place.


 I hope you will take the time to create your very own powerful affirmations to set in motion your awesomeness!

Aim to say these affirmations around 3 or more times a day. Every time you eat say your affirmations. Save them on your phone, make them pretty with apps to add text to a picture, and start to visualize and feel the outcome of your words. This is an exercise that takes practice and time to overwrite your old thinking patterns. So be consistent and persistent. Start with just one thing, and say this affirmation for 30 days and see what unfolds.

I am beautiful. I am vibrant.
I am enjoying feeling fully alive!