Are You Robbing Yourself of Joy?


I am currently in Chattanooga about to record some video for an upcoming video series on Affirmations. I’ve been researching a ton of videos that I want to emulate. Of course, I chose to compare myself to Marie Forleo or Kris Carr.

Bad idea!

I instantly felt like a failure. As I fought back the tears and my emotions started to compound, I thought to myself…

“You are such a joke. Here you are in Chattanooga with your freaking handy cam. Your assistant is going to film the whole thing and neither of you have any experience doing this. What are you thinking? This is going to be embarrassing. You should just bag the whole thing.”


What I realized is that I was comparing myself to expert women who have been doing this for years. They earned the ability to spend thousands of dollars on production and are the cream of the crop. They have worked into where they are now, and certainly didn’t start there.


I realized that I needed to tell myself another story. The story that I needed to affirm in myself was the truth, and also what I wanted to truth to be. After my little meltdown, I was ready to redefine my experience.

My new affirmation:

I communicate through video beautifully and offer inspiration that will change lives. This video series looks professional, communicates my brand and makes me proud of what I do. I can’t wait to get it up on my site and share it with my peeps!


My dears, there is real danger in comparison. It robs us of our own journey, our joy and real growth.


As my friend Aaron would say, “Don’t stop your momentum by comparing yourself to someone else’s race. Run your own.” It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to every one else. We all start somewhere, and we all get to where we want to go. You can’t skip the steps to becoming your best self. You can’t magically appear at the finish line. So why not enjoy your race? Loving encourage yourself to keep one foot in front of the other, and remind yourself you are EXACTLY where you are suppose to be.


You are beautiful! You are enough! You have enough! You freaking rock! There is only one you! You are unique! And whatever you lack will come to you in time. This is your journey, wave at and bless those who pass you up and keep your eyes on where you are going. You will get there. Look around, you are already there 😉