Does Knowledge Create Change?

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t read about some kind of food recall. Just today I read that thousands of pounds of beef were recalled from the threat of e. coli and then read about the cantaloupe listeria outbreak that has already killed 16 people. Then there is the whole slew of issues that create a moral dilemma. Slavery and tomatoes, farmers with cancer who are exposed to pesticides, small farms being sued by food giants. So my questions is this…will this create change? Will we learn after being bombarded with crisis after crisis in the big business food industry? It seems obvious to me that we cannot continue the way we have been, there is getting to be too much risk. Risk of disease, risk of health and the risk of our lives. However, for the majority of the American people, they still wouldn’t consider buying food from an unknown source risky – even after all the news reports. We can no longer ignore the very real food risks that are threatening us and those we love. The information is there, you don’t have to look very far – it’s time to respond and create change.