Garlic Scape

If you haven’t heard of garlic scape, or perhaps haven’t seen it you are missing out! Last Saturday I picked up my first bunch with enthusiasm because I know the window is small to get my hands on this gem. For those in the know, garlic scape is a delicious spring treat.

Garlic scapes are the “flower stalks” of hardneck garlic plants, although they do not produce flowers. In other words, they are the wild and curly shoots that spring from the tops of garlic plants. These young garlic plants are pulled to thin a row and are referred to as “green garlic” or “garlic scapes”. Used in the same manner as green onions, they make for excellent eating.

Scapes have a mild garlic fragrance and a mellow garlic flavor. Perfect to add to salads, pastas or simply as a garnish. However, I treat them just like garlic cloves – sauteingΒ them in olive oil with onions for just about every base of what I cook. Although, I do use more chopped scapes than garlic cloves because of their milder flavor.

If you get a chance to pick these up at your Farmers Market, do. Don’t be intimidated by their curly shape, grab a bunch and start cooking.

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