How to Store Carrots

One of my favorite things to buy at the Farmers Market this time of year are carrots. I love bringing home the bright purple, white and orange carrots tied up in bunches. The problem I have been facing lately is that within a day they become limp, rubbery and lack the inherent crisp of a carrot. Nobody wants a limp carrot. So I did a little digging and found out the best ways to store them to ensure an optimal lifespan.

[typography font=”Covered By Your Grace” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]From the Market – Fridge Method:[/typography]

  • The first thing you want to do it chop off the greens leaving 2 inches of the green stub left.
  • Next, leave the carrots out in the sun for a day to dry. This is key!
  • Do not wash the carrots until you are ready to use them.
  • Before putting them into the fridge – make sure they are not stored with apples, pears, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables that produce ethylene gas since it will cause them to become bitter.
  • You want to store the carrots in a produce bag, ziplock bag with holes or a special plastic container such as a FridgeSmart container.
  • Then place in the crisper drawer in the fridge.
  • These can be stored for up to 2 weeks (maybe longer)
[typography font=”Covered By Your Grace” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Store Bought Carrots – Water Method:[/typography]
  • Cut off any greens, and rinse with cold water
  • Place carrots in a plastic container with a lid
  • Cover  completely with cool water and place in the crisper drawer of fridge
  • Change water every 3-4 days
[typography font=”Covered By Your Grace” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Bulk Carrots – Root Cellar Method:[/typography]
  • If you have a bulk amount of carrots and want to keep them all winter long,  your best bet is to go with the age old root cellar method.
  • Treat carrots in the same way as you did to prep for the fridge. (Top, dry etc.)
  • Find a box that can easily fit layered carrots that will not be touching each other. The idea here is to cover the carrots with damp sand or sawdust and store in a cool dark place.
  • Spread a 1 inch layer of damp sand or sawdust on the bottom of the box or container and then lay the carrots out in a single layer, covered them with another inch of shavings or sand, and repeat layer by layer.
  • Then store in a dark cellar that is just above freezing with temperatures of 33-40 degrees. You also want the space to be humid. If it isn’t, you will want to check the carrots often to make sure the sand or sawdust stays damp, but not wet.

Here are some pictures to help your vizualize it: