I Sprained My Ankle, but It’s All Emotional


This month is a crazy travel month for me. I’ve been in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, am currently on a plane to San Diego and then head to Denver afterwards. I’m starting to collect some stories!

While I was in Chicago, I got stuck in an elevator and most recently in Phoenix I sprained my ankle. Bad. Like grapefruit size, black and blue bad. It’s nasty y’all.

I put on my new high heel wedges and Chris and I headed out of the door to pick up our rental car. As we were walking in the massive rental car building, I twisted my right ankle and fell straight to the ground. What the heck!! Ok so I might not be Sophia Vergara, but I can walk in heels. I looked at Chris and said “Umm, that was weird it must be my new shoes.” We kind of laughed and I got up and started walking again. About 5 steps later, BAM! I twisted my ankle and fell down again.

This time I was fighting back the tears.

Not only did it hurt, I was embarrassed. Talk about social anxiety kicking in big time. I decided to sit down and try to recover from an adrenaline rush and tears and figure out what that was all about. My shoes felt sturdy and so it wasn’t that. It was my ankle. It was almost as if my ankle just gave out.

And then Chris looked at me, “Everything happens FOR you,” he said “not TO you. So what can you learn from this?” Now, let’s be honest I didn’t want to hear that response at that moment because I was in pain emotionally and physically, but he was right. How did I manifest this, what was the lesson I needed to learn?

It’s All Connected


Now before you think I’m pushing it too far, I believe that we manifest everything in our lives. Our emotional self and our thoughts create our reality. So I believe it was more than the floor and some new shoes. In Chinese medicine every part of the body represents an emotion. The kidneys represent fear, the liver represents anger, lungs represent grief and so on.

It’s like people who are overweight (myself included) the weight is just a symptom of something emotional, something larger and deeper and the weight serves us by protecting us from dealing with it. We are literally stuffing our emotional self down because it is too painful to deal with. We can go on every diet in the world, but until we address the root cause we can’t release the weight, or certainly not for long.

So I started really pondering the meaning of this sprained ankle. I know that I am on the verge of another breakthrough moment and my body is trying to keep me present and aware of this. I’ve gone through a lot of professional changes lately and it’s all really good and excited stuff. However, I don’t know how to feel at home in my new skin. I have been very emotional and feel really insecure and inadequate. So I decided to look up what a swollen sprained ankle means emotionally, and yep pretty right freaking on!

“Problem with the ankle denote inflexibility and also undervaluation. The person does not feel confident but prefers to ignore that feeling. He will not accept himself as he is. He undervalues himself and strains his body. And the symptom occurs.”



Hello! Our bodies are talking to us all the time. Our circumstances are there because we’ve asked them to be in some way.

What are we here to learn? What is your body telling you? If everything happens FOR you, it changes your whole perspective. Open up those beautiful eyes and recognize the lessons that are asking to be seen.