Monsanto’s Lies

The war over labeling GMO’s still rages on. It certainly is a battle that is heating up and is important for us all to take notice of. California is on the forefront of that battle with Proposition 37 that would require the labeling of all GMO’s. Millions of dollars are being spent to resist this legislation and of course Monsanto is one of the leaders.

It’s a little bit of a David and Golith story between the big corporations and the smaller organic and independent food companies.  And of course there is some good brainwashing that is taking place. Biotech and GMO giant Monsanto has already donated over 4 million dollars and has been extremely vocal about reasons you should Say No to Prop 37.

Monsanto recently issued an article on their website that explains to consumers the “truth.” But thanks to Huffington post writer Michele Simon, she calls out the Top 10 Lies by Monsanto. I’ll explain five of them here in brief, feel free to venture over to Michele’s full article to get more of the dirt.


The law “would require a warning label on food products.”


[quote]”If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto,1994.[/quote]  However, no warning label would be required. Instead, the words “partially produced with genetic engineering” or “may be partially produced with genetic engineering” would be required on the back of the package along with the ingredients list.

“The safety and benefits of these ingredients are well established.”

Wow and so not true! For decades, GMO companies have not been required to produce any studies prior to the release of GMO seeds. And certainly no long-term studies exist on either the safety or benefits of GMO ingredients, so this is a straight up fabrication from Monsanto.

“Consumers have broad food choices today, but could be denied these choices if Prop 37 prevails.”

Sure, we think we have food choices – however it is all an illusion of clever marketing (see my post on that here). Consumers would not loose their “broad” food choices, but labeling would help consumers make an educated choice available through greater transparency. Right now, people are eating in the dark.

“Beneath their right to know slogan is a deceptive marketing campaign aimed at stigmatizing modern food production.”

Nice. “Modern food production” — Monsanto’s latest spin for scientifically altering the genetic code of the food supply? In truth, nothing is hidden “beneath” the Right to Know campaign, that’s all it’s about. But because Monsanto has no good argument for why consumers don’t have the right to know how their food is produced, it has to resort to distracting deceptions.

Farmers have seen the environmental and economic benefits of modern food technologies for more than 15 years.

Have they seen the new superworms or superweeds that nature has create to further resist the irresistible Monsanto crops? Or perhaps the massive shift to organic and biodynamic farming from farmers who were fed up? And of course they are seeing the economic benefits of growing GMO because it is run by a giant monopoly. Gag!

Monsanto and the other companies supporting the “No to Prop 37 Campaign” have the resources to create fiction about the food you are eating and would like to keep it that way. However, I would agree with them when they say,  [quote]They are gearing up a campaign of misinformation.[/quote] Stay informed, and remember: You have the right to know what is in your food!