Top 10 Food Documentaries

It’s almost the weekend people, and that means relaxing. And what better way to do that than by catching up on some must-see food documentaries. Actually, these are documentaries you can’t afford to miss!

Start from the top and start chipping away at them one by one. Trust me, your eyes will be opened and you’ll never look at food the same way again.

It’s time for change, and any of these films will help you make that push to eat healthier, choose local, and champion fresh food.

Top 10 Food Documentaries:


1. Food Inc

Probably the best well known documentary on food – if you only watch one – choose this one. It shows you where your food comes from and explains the price of convenience. Plus one of my favorites!


2. Forks Over Knives

Must see. This is a little older film, but you don’t want to miss it. It is a documentary about 2 doctors who explain just how important eating a plant based and whole grain diet is. Lots of tips that could save your life and prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes.


3. Fresh

Another favorite film of mine – it’s a great follow up to Food Inc. What we eat has consequences and this shows us how cheap food comes at a great cost. Lots of hope in this one.


4. Food Matters

This film draws the connection between the pharmaceutical industry and our food. “1/4 fourth of what you eat keeps you alive, 3/4 of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.” A look into food as medicine. Great film!


5. Fast Food Nation

This documentary sheds light on the nasty truth behind the fast food and meat industry. If you still eat fast food, or know someone that does – this will give them all the motivation they need to quit. Open those eyes people.


6. King Corn

Go behind the scenes with 2 young guys who take up farming corn for this documentary. Curious about why corn is literally in everything we eat, these guys do the research themselves and find out the unpleasant truth about this massive monocrop.


7. The Future of Food

This documentary is largely about genetically modified foods and the role the government plays in all of this. It follows the corruption of the Big Ag Business and Big Government and how that screws over the small farmers of America.


8. Dirt

“This movie takes a humorous and substantial look into the history and current state of the living organic matter that we come from and will later return to” – from film website.


9. Ingredients

I definitely wanted to move to Portland, Oregon after watching this one. Explore how people have fallen back in love with caring about the ingredients that make it onto our plates. From farmers to chefs – this film will leave you hungry.


10. Supersize Me

One man’s experiment to see just how toxic and dangerous eating a diet of fast food for 30 days is. You will never want to eat McDonald’s again after watching this. Lots of data about what fast food does to our bodies.


Worthy Mention: Fat, Sick and Nearly DeadVanishing of the BeesQueen of the SunThe Real Dirt on Farmer John

Host a movie night and watch these. Don’t worry these movies aren’t a bore, they are fabulously engaging and entertaining while bringing awareness to the often corrupt and messy truth behind our food system. But they also offer hope and real solutions.

Have you seen any of these? What are you favorites?