(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)

Self care and not self control.
— Christy Harrison

The holidays are here and that creates a lot of panic around food and dessert. Today I’ll explain why you have permission to not only eat dessert, but to enjoy it too.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving …

And as much as we probably have great memories of Thanksgiving… there is also a lot of stress. Stress around family, and a lot of stress around food.

We either are planning to totally restrict, or let ourselves binge. There is usually no inbetween.

We are either afraid of the food, or afraid of ourselves and our lack of control.

And then of course you feel guilty afterwards.. And the downwards shame cycle begins.


So, Let’s talk about why lots of overeating happens on Thanksgiving:

  1. Emotional Triggers

  2. Family Drama

  3. Cheat Day – It’s the last supper.


And so my desire for you all is to be able to be PRESENT for Thanksgiving and the holidays. To see if you can find some joy. To fully enjoy it. But we can’t do that when we are coping from food.


Check out the episode above to learn how to eat, in celebration of the holidays and have gratitude in doing so. And Happy Thanksgiving!





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