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Every week I get emails from women sharing their body hatred journey with me. When it started and how much more warped it’s become since then. To the point where so many of the women I talk to cannot look at themselves in the mirror with utter disgust or they just start to cry. They shut down and some can’t look in the mirror at all. 



Each one of us has what I call the ORIGINATING BODY SHAMING MOMENT…. where something happens that creates an immediate new awareness that our bodies are flawed and broken. A moment that gets translated into, “Something is wrong with my body.”

Sadly it’s a moment where our innocence is taken from us as girls. 


And the truth is we probably have a few of these. I have several more moments as I got into my teens years where this started to be coupled with attractiveness, sexiness, and men. And how so much of my loveability as a teenager and young adult depending on my body. 

That’s when I really started dieting. 

Starting starving myself. 

Drinking only shakes instead of eating actual meals.

Taking Hydroxycut diet pills that made me crazy. 

I would have tried anything


It’s vital that we understand our body image history so we can start to unravel the web of body shaming lies that control so much of our lives. 

So that we can see that we aren’t broken after all. 


But we have to realize… outside of our originating body shaming moment, there was also a body culture we grew up in.  And it greatly shapes how we think about ourselves and our bodies. 


So I have 6 questions that you can begin to ask yourself to identify this more.

  1. When was the first time that you remember where you were aware that your body wasn’t good enough?

  2. What were the messages you received about beauty, about being a woman and about your body from your mom?

  3. What was the body culture like in your family?

  4. Did your family talk about bodies?

  5. Did your family talk about food?

  6. About diets?


Taking a look at our body image history helps us realize that we aren’t the ones with the problem. This it’s not your fault! And we can really begin to shift it towards a more loving approach. 


And what if 2018 was the year you chose to love yourself. 

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