(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)


Are you in the messy middle? Are you in the “in-between?”

I call this being in the GOO. You’re in the process of change–very similar to a butterfly almost ready to emerge from its’ cocoon. The messy middle can be really overwhelming and incredibly emotional. But here’s the thing. We can actually learn to thrive during this tough and sometimes painful process.


So my sweets, how we can thrive in the goo? 

1. Stop Resisting 

Living in the goo never feels good. When we resist it actually slows the process down and keeps in that ‘in-between’ stage longer. When you learn to stop resisting the process and embrace it, you allow true transformation to take place.

2. Attach Meaning

When we feel stuck in the goo we tend to give negative meanings to everything going on. What if we could attach positive truths to this stage? What’s the message? What can we learn here? It’s not about just putting on a happy face and charging through. It’s about attaching the right meaning and asking what’s possible for me here?

3. Ask better questions

Oftentimes, when we’re in the goo we’re asking “why me?”, “why am I here?” The only answer you can ever receive from that is self-pity. To get to thrive, we have to ask better questions. “What is the gift or blessing here?” By shifting the questions you’re going to get a different result.


Are you in the goo? Did you just emerge a butterly? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!


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