(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)

How judgemental are you? 

Do you…

1: Judge people for their beliefs

2: Judge people for their race

3: Judge people for their looks (body type, clothing, face etc)

4: Judge people for their success level

5: Judge people for their manners

6: Judge people for their parenting style

7: Judging what people eating

8: Judging how people engage with other people/personal interactions with others


Our judgments shine a light on our internal beliefs about yourself and can greatly impact you throughout each day. You see, judgements about other people are judgements about yourself.

In other words, any time we find something wrong with someone else, you can be sure that it’s something you find wrong about yourself.

“If we complain about another person, we are really complaining about some aspect of ourselves.” Louise Hay

When we are annoyed or angry by someone, that’s a great invitation to go deep and ask yourself, what is it about myself that I don’t like or am angry with or annoyed with that is triggering me? If you don’t have a sensitivity to something then it doesn’t bother you.

When we are judgemental, it’s a window into an insecurity we have about ourselves. So let’s use our judgements as windows into areas that need some more attention and healing.

“Your experiences always reflect your inner beliefs. You can literally look at your experiences and determine what your beliefs are.” -Louise Hay


Ways through the Judgement:

1: Thank the judgement for showing itself

2: Ask yourself, how is this a mirror for me? “What about my collective experience, even my past, makes me react this way?”

3: Instantly show that person compassion, empathy and understanding

4: Forgive yourself for judging yourself as…

5: Send that person love

“The subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between you and the other person. It hears the words, and it believes you are talking about yourself.” -Louise Hay


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