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One of my principles for living fully alive is through celebration… but y’all, I honestly struggle with this sometimes. When we don’t  live in a state of celebration, we’re actually pretty miserable. Life becomes this existence of getting from one thing to the next. We’re not engaged and fully celebrating all the moments that make up life. 

I almost don’t want to say this out loud but… I SUCK AT CELEBRATING!

The crazy thing is, that attitude and behavior is 100% incongruent with my core beliefs. Now, I’m great at celebrating other people. But I suck at celebrating myself. I believe that we MUST celebrate life. 

Life is short. Life is precious. Life is beautiful. Life is difficult, and we are rocking it! So let’s celebrate!


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey


5 Ways to Start Celebrating Now:

1. Be on the lookout for things to celebrate.

First, we must start to recognize the things that are worth celebrating. Job promotions, sure. But how about recognizing the small things too? Honor your metamorphosis.

2. Make a list of ways to celebrate.

As Americans, we do not live in a celebratory culture. So we need a little help. Come up with 20 ways you would love to celebrate any given thing. 

3. Give yourself a moment to feel the joy.

Even if we have something to celebrate, many times we go on to “Well, I didn’t do this”, or “It would have been better if.” No! Stop, and give yourself a minute or more to actually feel the joy of being proud of yourself. 

4. Bring someone along with you.

We need to teach each other how to celebrate. Calling up a friend or family member and asking “I’d like to celebrate the fact that I…. would you help me?” instantly gives that friend permission to do the same. 

5. Start small.

If you want to learn how to really celebrate it has to penetrate your whole life. Seriously, stop to smell the roses. Roll down your window. Slow down and be in the moment. We can celebrate life just by being conscious of our breath. If we are faithful to celebrate in the small things, that will trickle into the rest of our lives and we will be ready to celebrate the big stuff.

So my sweet friends, I commit to you to celebrate life. To look up towards the sun and breathe in the joy of life.

What is something you choose to celebrate today that you haven’t yet?

Comment below and share with others how you will celebrate.


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