(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)


“Compulsion is the act of wrapping ourselves around an activity, a substance, or a person to survive, to tolerate and numb our experience of the moment.”



Y’all, I just got back from Italy and boy did I have some major come to Jesus moments with my body. 

I was eating foods that I haven’t been eating because they make my body hurt.

I was eating a lot of pasta and pizza.

And my body was super bloated because of it.

But I knew that I really wanted to have the Italian experience, and because I am an intuitive eater it was totally fine.

But I had my old diet mentality come back up. 

I suddenly felt like I needed to lose weight to keep up with the new people I was seeing in Europe, to be loved, and to make sure my ass wouldn’t be left.


Now, for most of us, we never stop to pause and ask ourselves WHY we want to lose weight. And for some of us, we never stop to ask ourselves WHY we want to stay FAT?


So let’s take a look at what is really beneath your weight loss quest. Let me ask you 3 questions.

1.  if you lost weight, what would you feel?

2.  is that what you want?

3.  Is it worth it?


Losing weight will never HEAL us. You take YOU, everywhere you go. 

I encourage you to work on loving your body NOW.

Healing the pain NOW.

Living your life NOW. 


Check out the above video to explore these 3 questions with me and learn how to start the journey to LOVING your body.


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