S2: EP 51- Giving Your Soul Permission To Rest

On this episode, join Mary as she kicks off this month’s theme of Soul Rest. As we move through the next few months, the election, the holidays, whatever else 2020 wants to throw at us… we need to pause, replenish, recharge, and regroup. Most of us have spent much of this year in fight or flight. And now that state of survival has become normal. All of this is having an effect on our physical bodies. We need rest. We need to create space to give our bodies the opportunity to come out of that state of defense where our nervous system is over functioning. We need a serious pause in order to be able to take on the rest of this year. Our bodies are talking to us and we have got to listen. We are in a marathon, and this is the time for rest and recovery. In order to provide for ourselves, our families, and to pursue the things we are called to, we can not afford to not rest. We need to plan and prioritize our rest so we can take on the rest of this year from a place that is more stable, more empowered, and more focused.

S2: EP 50- The Power Of Trusting Yourself

On this episode, join Mary as she wraps up this month’s theme of Aligned Routine. If you have spent this month considering creating an aligned routine for yourself but there is still some hesitation this episode is for you! In the past have you set goals but haven’t followed through? Maybe you’ve tried a morning routine but after a couple of days you just quit. Or have you made a commitment to a drastic life change but didn’t end up with the results you had hoped for… Whatever the case might be, maybe it’s time to challenge the way you’re looking at things. How do we get into action and make it happen? The answer to that question is Self Integrity. It’s hard to create change when we don’t trust ourselves to be consistent. The more you honor your own word to yourself, the easier it will become to create lasting change. This starts by making small realistic commitments to yourself and keeping them. Commitments that don’t feel overwhelming but that feel life giving. Commitments that will set you up for success with yourself.

S2: EP 49- A New Kind Of Spiritual Discipline with Jimmy Jean

On this episode, join Mary and special guest Jimmy Jean as they take a fresh look on what it takes to create a new kind of spiritual discipline. Jimmy Jean is a certified life purpose coach who is passionate about helping others discover the unique reason they were put on this earth. He is the owner of his own coaching company based in New York and New Jersey. He is also a motivational speaker for schools, nonprofit organizations and corporate companies. Jimmy is a writer who has lent his expertise in personal development to various publications, as well as his “The Road to Purpose” monthly newsletter. He is currently working on his first book, which will be released in early 2021. Jimmy truly embodies his mission of serving, leading and equipping others to become the best version of themselves.

S2: EP 48- Your Enneagram + Your Routine with Lindsley Brooks

On this episode, join Mary and Lindsley as they talk about how your personality is key to creating a sustainable aligned routine. This episode is one giant permission slip to be yourself. When thinking about the kind of routine you would like to create you should start by considering how you are wired. When you do this and build a routine based on it, you are setting yourself up for success. We do not have to work against our nature. The more we can give ourselves permission to be in our natural state the more we can create a routine that is catered to our needs, desire, and nature. We don’t have to look to someone else to create a successful routine. We already have everything we need inside of us.

S2: EP 47- Creating An Aligned Routine

On this episode, join Mary as she introduces this month’s topic of Aligned Routine. Last week we wrapped up our topic of Manifestation and dove deep into what it looks like to step into action and take responsibility for our part in creating our future. But what happens when we meet resistance? When we find ourselves in a place of shoulds, have to’s, rules… and we are just sick of having to have a routine? Maybe routine hasn’t come naturally to you in the past. Or maybe you have negative experiences attached to discipline and routine. This is true for so many people! But why? We live in a culture where we look to other people and what they are doing for a way to model what we need to do. But someone else’s routine will never feel natural or flow with your life. We need to discover how to create a routine that works for us personally and aligns with our life.

S2: EP 46- Becoming Your Future Self

On this episode, join Mary as she wraps up this month’s theme of Manifestation by sharing how we practically can begin to live lives where we are manifesting consistently. We often believe that our external life affects our internal state, but in reality our external state is a mirror to what is happening internally. Mary explains how you can begin to reference your imagined future to proactively create your future self and future life. How would you feel if your desired reality was real? Then practice feeling that. How would you act if your desired reality was your reality? Then act in that way. How would you carry yourself if your desired reality was your reality? Then carry yourself that way… This new way of being creates a subconscious roadmap to assist you in creating your new reality. And as you partner with your co-creator, your life beings to shift.

S2: EP 45- Manifestation Or Privilege? With Liz Eskridge

On this episode, join Mary and her executive assistant, Liz Eskridge, as they talk about the roll privilege plays in manifesting. For those of us born with privilege there can be several pitfalls to overcome when manifesting the life we want. How much more so that is true when you aren’t born into privilege. When the challenges we face daily are heavy and overwhelming it can be seemingly impossible to even allow yourself the space to dream of things being different or to have hope for a new or better future. What responsibility do those of us with privilege have to our neighbors who don’t share that privilege? What if we can play a part in helping to build and manifest together? What if we all used the gifts, talents, and resources we have available to us to help not only manifest the lives we desire to live but also use what we have to help our neighbors do the same.

S2: EP 44- Manifesting Made Easy with Special Guest, The Queen of Manifesting, Jen Mazer

Jen Mazer is “The Queen of Manifestation.” A sought-after transformational speaker and coach,

she teaches people how to manifest their biggest dreams while making an impact on the world.

She’s the author of Manifesting Made Easy and Co-Founder of the board game Sparked. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Inc, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Real Simple, Marie Claire, and ABC. Jen’s known for her signature Manifestation Masters Program and Private Success Coaching.

S2: EP 43- Manifesting 101

On this episode, join Mary as she dives into this month’s topic of manifestation. When we are connected to the highest source of LOVE and aligned with our highest selves, we can truly manifest whatever we want. But on the contrary when we are stuck in old beliefs, anxieties, and fears we block the very things we desire. We are creative beings and have the amazing gift to be co-creators in our lives. We can choose to have an active role in creating our reality. We do not have to stand by helplessly feeling like nothing we do matters. Our intentions create our realities. When we pair what we want to create with purpose, service and consistent focus – we become unstoppable manifestors. Tune in to this foundational first episode of the month to learn Mary’s 5 Step Process to Manifestation.

S2: EP 42- Identifying Your Attachment Style with Dominique Gabrielle Braden

On this episode, join Mary and special guest Dominique Gabrielle Braden as they discuss the roll attachment styles play in our relationships. Dominique has had the privilege of working in a variety of therapeutic settings. She has held positions with qualifications in marriage and family therapy, behavior Intervention, community mental health, and family focused therapy . She provides behavior focused support and systemic treatment to families and individuals, in a variety of community settings. Her specialties foster the treatment of complex attachment issues. She adapts Attachment Focused Therapy and Experiential Therapy, to instill insight and tools to foster healing and freedom. Her practice primarily focuses on complex men’s issues and women’s issues that promote healing of relational, and transnational wounds that are experienced by all walks of life.


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