S2: EP 24- The Anatomy of Emotions

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show notes

Feelings are neither the facts of what actually happened nor of a shared reality. They are indicators of your personal reality.
— danielle laporte

The Anatomy of Emotions

On this episode join Mary as she guides us through a new understanding of our emotions. Through gaining a better understanding of what is happening in our minds and bodies as emotions arise, we can feel empowered to face them head on.

Most of us are scared to feel the range of emotions. Scared to feel anything too intensely. Even when trauma strikes, when tragedy hits, we close up, shut down and tighten. We have this fear around our emotional process.

But here’s the problem. This way of disassociating from our feelings perhaps works as a survival mechanism in the short term, but we need to learn how to feel and processing our emotions in a healthy way long term so that we can truly be fully alive.

Many of us spend a lot of time resisting our emotions because we are afraid of what that experience of them will be because we associate the experience of an emotion to what it’s like to experience it after we’ve resisted it because it explodes.
— Brooke Castillo

And because of this, many of us haven’t truly felt emotions in a really long time. 

And so we aren’t familiar with them.

We have no vocabulary for expressing them.

We have a sense that they are too intense and will take you over.

We won’t let ourselves feel loneliness, anger, rejection, fear, desire and so we go numb or we hyper control.


  • Why we are scared to feel the full range of emotions

  • Why as women we feel the need to hold our emotions back

  • Why befriending our emotions is one of the keys to living fully alive

  • What emotions are and where they come from

  • The connection between our emotions and past memories

  • To see emotions as vibrations aka energy in motion

  • How to separate emotional feelings from our identity

  • That emotions are not always facts

  • And so much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. 

February’s topic will be on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 

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