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When we feel constricted in our vocabulary it’s hard to feel validated.

— Mary Hyatt


Join Mary and Lindsley this week as they dig deeper into this month’s topic of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. How would you rate your emotional maturity? Do you fly off the handle? Blow up in anger out of nowhere? Get stuck in depressive thoughts that spiral down quickly? Or maybe you won’t allow yourself to feel anything. In order to be a healthy adult and self regulate, you have to develop emotional maturity. First step? Giving yourself permission to feel. 2nd step? Expand your emotional vocabulary to help you navigate what’s really getting stirred up. Mary & Lindsley will teach you how to get curious about your emotions, increasing your self awareness so that you can be a high functioning adult feeler.

Last week we talked about the anatomy of emotions. The concept of the chemistry of emotions and what that triggers inside of us isn’t something we hear about often. In order to remove the barriers around we have around exploring and understanding our emotions, we need to put language to it. We need to expand our emotional vocabulary to help us get to the root of what we are really feeling in the moment.

We are taught that we are supposed to feel good all the time or we must be doing something wrong. If we are feeling a “negative”emotion often our first thought is “I shouldn’t be feeling this way”. When we do this we negate the importance of those emotions. We were built with an emotional range because we were meant to feel those things. If we don’t acknowledge them and continue to dismiss or ignore them, they will eventually find a way to come to the surface.

Most if us weren’t given the space growing up to have a full emotional experience. We were often punished or sent to be alone when our emotions were too much for the adults around us to handle. So for many of us as adults we fear sharing our emotions with those around us because we don’t want to be too much. We don’t want to over burden people. And so we choose to be alone.

We are in a time and space as a collective where it feels like something is shifting. As we continue to have conversations around vulnerability and authenticity, something is telling us that our emotions have more value than we have been taught…

In this episode we will chat about…

-Societal and cultural blocks around our emotions

-The pressure to make our lives appear perfect for social media

-If negative emotions mean we are doing something wrong

-Being taught as children that emotions are weakness

-Honoring our emotions without getting stuck in them

-The benefits of “negative” emotions

-Questions you can ask yourself to give yourself permission to identify your feelings

-Our limited vocabulary around emotions

-The fear of being “too much” when we invite others into our feelings

-And so much more!!!

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Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. 

February’s topic will be on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 


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