S2: EP55 – The Beauty of Letting Go

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“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.”


On this episode, join Mary as she kicks off this month’s topic of Necessary Endings. The beginning of Fall is the perfect time for us to dig into this topic.

Everything going on in the world right now, and for many of us even our personal lives, seem to be mimicking exactly what we are seeing in nature. We are in a season of letting things die in order to make space for something new. Something better. When we allow a release,  enter into the flow, face the things we are ready to let go of, and we put down the heavy things we will experience massive relief. In order to move forward and live our lives fully alive we have to routinely pause and reevaluate what we are choosing to carry and what we might need to end.

The thought of endings can bring so much fear and anxiety. But endings are necessary. In order to grow internally and to live aligned lives we have to begin to recognize when it is time to let go. But, the longer we hold onto things that we need to let go of, the more suffering we will experience.

When we choose our necessary endings and choose to release, we are creating space for new life. 


-How nature is inviting us into a reason of release

-Clearing out the old to make space for the new

-How our belief must be stronger than our fear

-The difference between grief and suffering

-Why believing life will only get better is essential for letting go 

-Slowing down to ask yourself what is ready to be released

-The cost of holding on too long

-And much more!


Let’s cultivate a little bit of new awareness right now, so you can see what needs to end, so that you can invite yourself into deeper wholeness.

It might be a habit, a behavior, a pattern, a fear, a relationship, a way of relating to a person, a lack of forgiveness, a harbored resentment, a belief, a system, a routine, a house, a place, an object, an obligation, a commitment… you can decide where you want to look first.

Close your eyes, and ask yourself or send up a prayer to God or your higher power and ask –

What do I need to release? What has run its course, what no longer fits?

Allow yourself to listen without resistance, and once you hear whatever it is, big or small, open your eyes and write it down in your journal.

Now, just to gut check this you can look for some more proof to validate that it is indeed time for this ending…

Grab a journal and pen and ask yourself these series of questions:

  1. If I don’t change anything about (AREA OF LIFE), it will cost me …..
  2. If I don’t change anything about (AREA OF LIFE), I will miss out on…
  3. Does this behavior add to my life or take away from my life?

Hint: if it costs your quality of life, sleep sanity or safety it’s time for it’s necessary ending.

This will give you a little extra to fuel to see what you’ve been honestly holding on to.



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. October’s topic will be on Necessary Endings.

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