S2: Ep61- The Science and Magic of Movement with Amanda Leaveck

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Show Notes

"Our bodies know what we need if our heads can get out of the way".

Join Mary and her special guest Amanda Leaveck as they chat about the connection between our brains and physical movement. Just imagine being able to approach movement from the intersection of neuroscience and intuition and learn how to move deliciously and from a place of ease. Amanda brings her expertise from her nourishing services including yoga, meditation, coaching, and her virtual membership program, Science & Magic. Amanda’s researched-based approach to mindfulness is ignited by intuition, love, and a deep reverence for the unknown. In addition to attaining a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience for undergrad, she graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2017, where she focused on the integral relationship between connective tissue and the nervous system.Through formal education, independent studies, hands on work with clients, and over a decade of teaching yoga and dance, Amanda has a deep understanding of the human body. She adores creating experiences for all of us to more deliciously connect with our own bodies, and in doing so, ignite the unique brilliance that lies within each of us.

We store emotions in our body. When we don’t listen to the wisdom of our bodies those emotions get “stuck”. But first we need to learn to just be with our emotions and sensations no matter how uncomfortable. Then we need to allow our bodies to move intuitively. We need to tap into the body and allow it to move in the ways it desires. When we do this we can help move positive and negative emotions through our bodies.

How so we create this connection to begin to get out of our head and into our bodies? There are so many tools available to us. Dance, yoga, stillness… what we all need will be different. We all experience our bodies in different ways. What works for someone else may not work for you. We need to follow what feels good and what feels intuitive. 

Movement can also be really soothing to the nervous system if its in a state of fight or flight. It can move us into rest and digest. When our body is stressed there is a chemical release of hormones. Adrenalin is released, our heart rate increases, our limbs tense up… As humans we can turn the stress result on literally by thought alone. When we release energy through movement it can help release these side affects of stress hormones and bring the body back to a state of calm. 

We will all respond differently to different forms of movement and it varies in different stages of life. Sometimes we may need vigorous exercise. Sometimes we will need gentle movement. And often we will need a balance of the two. And sometimes that might mean just resting. Just because it is conditioned, we don’t need to push against something that isn’t natural. When we do this we will create a state of ease. We can work with our bodies and not against them. When can come into attunement with our bodies, and we can slow down and give our bodies what they need.



-The connection between our brains and our bodies

-Why processing emotions through movement is so effective

-The types of exercise that are best for each phase in your hormonal cycle

-Ways to move your body that aren’t considered exercise

-How to tell when you need restorative movement vs vigorous movement

-What type of movement is best during times of stress

-And much more!



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. November’s topic will be on Body Movement. 


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