S2: EP65- Celebrating Our Hormonal Cycle

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Join Mary and her special guests Em Atkinson & Linda Addis. Em and Linda are Feminine Leadership Coaches and the Founders, Visionaries and Sacred Space Holders for The Revolutionary Woman, and their inner circle, The Moon Society. Their teachings and trainings blend ancient wisdom with the modern way of living. They reconnect women to the sacred cycles within themselves, the earth and the moon, so they can live, love, and lead with ease, flow and integrity. When Em & Linda are not empowering a new generation of light workers you can find them dancing under the full moon, skinny dipping, obsessing over their dogs, Opie & Aura, or indulging in dark chocolate. In this conversation, we will talk about embracing your femininity by taking on a fresh perspective when it comes to your monthly cycle. At some point many of us have been taught that menstruation is something to be ashamed of. But our cycles as women are part of what makes us unique and connects us to one another and rituals of the past.

This month we have taken a deep dive into what it looks like to filter out all of the outside voices that make suggestions about what womanhood should be and we have explored the tools we have to define it for ourselves. On this episode we are going to dig a little deeper. 

Women have a rich history of gathering together. We have gathered together in union for one purpose as a part of culture. This is something that in modern western society we have lost. 

Women of tribes in the past would retreat from their duties and bleed together. During this time they would trade stories and traditions and support one another. Our periods of menstration have now become a thing of shame and something we hide. 

We need take this back and begin to foster this kind of connection between women again. 

Our cycles mimic the moon phases. For centuries we have celebrated the sun. But femininity is centered around shadow work. As women we are connected to the moon with our menstrual cycle. Part of connecting to yourself as a woman is acknowledging the beauty of our cycles and reconnecting the to cycles of the moon. 

One way we can begin to embrace and appreciate our cycles by tracking our them. When we begin to recognize our the signs of each cycle we can honor each one in our own ways. Then we can begin to increase our self awareness and have a new appreciation for ourselves as women and our bodies. 

Our cycles mimic nature and when we begin to observe and honor this it gives us a deep connection to something much bigger than ourselves. It also offers us the opportunity to listen to our bodies and give it what it is asking for during each cycle without shame or feeling like we need to adhere to a set of modern rules that don’t serve us. When we stop fighting who we are there is a deep remembrance of who we were meant to be and what has worked for our bodies for so long. We can allow for continuous ebb and flow of ourselves as women and the beauty of our bodies. 

On this episode we will discuss

-The sisterhood wound we all have

-The history of relationships between women 

-The connection of your menstrual cycle and the cycles of the moon   

-How to honor your own 4 cycles

-Learning to listen to the language of your cycle  

-Why ceremony is so important to incorporate into your life

-Taking the shame out of your period 

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. December’s topic will be on Femininity. 

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