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We don’t want to eat hot fudge sundaes as much as we want our lives to BE hot fudge sundaes
— Geneen Roth

I love having this conversation around pleasure. Partly because it’s something that we are deeply hungry for and yet deeply afraid of. It’s a tricky topic to talk about because it’s comes with a lot of triggers. And yet, we know on a visceral level that we we have a desire for more pleasure. But we don’t know how to talk about it…

At the end of the day I believe that we really just want to feel radiantly alive. We want to be the fullest versions of oursevles and experience life in a way that lights us up. We are longing for something more.

So how can we take a look at pleasure as something that we can begin to prioritize and ultimately make a non-negotiable in our lives.

Let’s redefine pleasure so that it’s not so scary.

Pleasure to me is wrapped up in the enjoyment of being alive. 

The actual definition according to Websters is: “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.”

It’s being willing to believe in a good universe. Being willing to move from survival into a start of thriving. 

In essence it’s a way of saying, I feel safe enough to feel good. 

When we experience pleasure we are saying YES to life. It’s a way that we engage with life. It’s way of experiencing the very essence of celebration of what’s here right now in the presence. 

It’s a kind of release that says, it’s safe to trust this moment. 

It’s safe to engage with life right now. 

There is time to enjoy this. 

There is time to embody this. 

Pleasure requires presence. 

It requires that we are tuned in, tapped in, turned on as Abraham Hicks would say. 

It requires that we feel. 

It requires that we be. 

Pleasure is to be found right here right now. 

We have to be in the moment to experience pleasure.

It allows us to open up to life, and let the sweetness in. It shows us what lights us up, what turns us on, what stokes our fire, what awakens our hearts.

But don’t take my word for it, I want to show you what pleasure can do for you:

3 reasons why you need to prioritize pleasure

1. Embrace the goodness

We live our lives with the unspoken mantra of “I don’t deserve this. Or I’m not allowed to have this.” We resist goodness. We resist blessings. We resist bigness. We resist ENOUGHNESS. Prioritizing pleasure is a way to help us embrace the goodness that is available all the time.

Pleasure is the AMEN to life’s blessings.
— Mary Hyatt

Pleasure is the AMEN to life’s blessings. It’s saying, yes! There is goodness here. There is something to be celebrated here. There is something that feel good right now. If I allow it. If I let myself feast on it. It’s opening up and embracing the goodness. It’s about receiving. Not taking, but receiving.

2. Gives us permission to be human

Sometimes being human gets a bad wrap. In fact, much of what we do in our life is to try to disconnect from the human experience. We try to avoid pain. We try to numb out. Cope, Check out and not feel.

We want to control and manipulate our way through life. And the minute we enjoy something too much, or feel sad too long, or get exhausted – we try to pretend we are above all that. “Oh I’m fine. I’m fine.” ANd pleasure is what connects us to our humanness. So of course we avoid it. We make it bad. We try to quiet it. We say it’s not necessary. That somehow being above pleasure is of a higher calling. But last time I checked, we are all here having a human experience. The way I see it from a super common sense perspective is that if we were not meant to experience pleasure, we would not have our 5 senses. Everything would be tasteless, monotone, and in black and white. It wouldn’t matter. And yet, there is something to be said for being created with the ability to feel and experience pleasure. So I think that pleasure is one of the ways that welcomes us back to our human nature.

3. Invites us to be fully alive

So often we are looking at life in 2D. Pleasure makes our lives brighter. It shifts our experience of life into 3D. We become awake to it. We feel it. We are IN it. Pleasure is a celebration of life – it moves us out of survival and into thriving. It’s a way to intentional create psychological, mental and emotional margin in our lives. It honestly brings us back to life. It calls for presence, it calls for gratitude, it calls us to be in the moment, it literally wakes us up from a life run on autopilot of checking things off our to do list. And says – HEY YOU. OPEN YOUR EYES. OPEN YOUR HEART. BREATHE. FEEL. LIVE. RIGHT NOW.

A desire is anything but frivolous. It is the interface between you and that which is greater than you. No desire is meaningless or inconsequential. If it pulls you, even a little bit, it will take everyone higher. Desire is where the Divine lives, inside the inspiration of your desire. Every desire is of profound importance with huge consequences, and deserves your attention.
— Mama Gena

So what does prioritizing pleasure look like for you?

How can you make this a part of your every day life?

What is something that you want to experience more of?

How can you prioritize it?

It’s time to go on a pleasure hunt.

For the next 5 days, find 10 things that bring you pleasure and jot them down in a journal. The idea is to up your awareness of what you find pleasureable, because most of us don’t know because we’ve been too afraid to look,  feel or experience it. So this is a little hunt. Go on a hunt and find something.

 It doesn’t take extra time, it only requires extra awareness. It doesn’t cost any extra money, it is simply opening up to receive  what is already here. 

So my sweet friends, I hope you to prioritize pleasure so that you can truly live a life that you are turned on for and fully alive in. 


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