S2: EP 12 – Give Yourself a Pleasure Permission Slip

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Show notes

I have a confession: I struggle with over-giving and over-doing in my life and relationships – often to the point of feeling frustrated or resentful or worse!

I have a hunch you do too…

I see you juggling family, kids, career … and you’ve trained yourself not to “want” or “need” anything… until you’re about to explode, “Enough! Now it’s about ME!” …

Could there be a different way to experience your life that is geared around PLEASURE? A life that allows you to feel more free? More alive?

I believe there is!

Pleasure is a tricky subject because we’re taught that it’s a reward after a job well done or after doing something perfect.

We reward ourselves with pleasurable things and experiences like eating a decadent chocolate cake after a hard day or taking 4 days for yourself once a year with your girlfriends because you haven’t had a day off in months! … And while there’s NOTHING wrong with that…

Pleasure needs to be a way of life… it needs to be something that comes home with you too.

In today’s episode, Lindsley and I discuss how to give yourself Permission for Pleasure.

Listen in on our candid conversation…

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to navigate your needs and wants when everyone else needs and wants from you too – your friends, your mother, your partner, your kids, boss, etc.

  • Why pleasure is a human right, not just a reward for a job well done!

  • Discover why pleasure is more about a relationship to yourself and ultimately about your self worth.

  • Contemplative practices that help you activate your pleasure.

  • Discover your subconscious behaviors, patterns and habits that block your ability to experience pleasure … and how to shift it!

  • Mary’s surprising secret for embodying pleasure… hint, it has to do with the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun!”

  • And much much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. September’s topic will be on PLEASURE. Make sure to check out all the episodes from this month’s topic.

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