S2: EP 15 – Healing the Emotional Body: Our Interview with Dr. Christopher Motley

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Show Notes

Well this is a first on the Living Fully Alive Podcast, we have our first male interview! And y’all he’s one of my favorite people… Dr. Motley.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Motley is my personal doctor who I affectionately call my “weirdo or woo woo” doctor. 😉

I say “weirdo or woo woo” because in our western culture we’re so use to going to doctors who maybe gives you 15 mins of their time, never asks about your life or stress and just checks your vitals, and then hangs out long enough to prescribe you a pill to then just send you on your way…

My friend and healer, Dr. Motley, is NOT that kinda doctor. His background in Chinese medicine, chiropractic care and kinesiology gives him not only the medical knowledge but also the ability to read what your body is saying with symptoms so you can get to the root of the problem.

It’s a HUGE honor to have him on our show and introduce you to him and this powerful work today!

We dive into some pretty “heady” and “scientific” topics – so please stick with us and if necessary, listen more than once so you can really get it!

This conversation and the information he shares is LIFE CHANGING!!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How your upset stomach, headache, etc. is not random – It could be your body’s way of telling you that you’re angry or frustrated!

  • Which one of your organs processes which emotion in your body!

  • What role an energy healer or empath play in helping your body heal and process emotions.

  • What it really means when you feel “weird” around a person or place.

  • How someone’s energy might be subconsciously bringing you down or making you sick.

  • Why alternative medicine is often considered “strange” or why people often resist it.

  • How learning about the mind/body/emotion connection can benefit you and help you in your every day life.

  • How repressed negative memories and emotions can come out in your body as sickness, disease and pain.

  • Why yoga, meditation and embodiment practices can help you release stuck emotions and heal your body.

  • The real reason why unexplained pain or injuries are connected to repressed emotional stress and trauma.

  • And SO much more!

Show Links

More About Dr. Christopher Motley

Dr. Motley’s Instagram Page

Dr. Motley’s Youtube Channel


Place drops in a 5ml roller bottle. Fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to the sternum and the wrists. *Avoid direct sunlight for 12-24 hours after applying as some of these oils are photosensitive.
Combine: 6 drops eucalyptus, 4 patchouli, 3 grapefruit, 1 lemongrass.

“So often we have made an enemy of our body, and it’s not a place we naturally LOVE to connect with, however in our journey of living fully alive – it’s vital that we come back to appreciate the wisdom of our body. The Embodiment Blend invites us to “be in our bodies” – to connect with our breath, our movement, our emotions and physically feel our experience through life.” – Mary Hyatt


6 Drops Eucalyptus: “Oil of Wellness” Encourages us to let go of our attachment to illness and teaches how to claim wholeness and heal.

4 Drops Patchouli: “Oil of Physicality” Supports us in becoming fully present in our physical body and appreciate it’s magnificence.

3 Drops Grapefruit: “Oil of Honoring the Body” Teaches true respect and appreciation for our physical body and encourages a positive relationship with one’s body based on love, tolerance and acceptance.

1 Drop Lemongrass: “Oil of Cleansing” Helps to powerfully cleanse limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity in, on and around the body.



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