S2: EP 18 – Stop Abandoning Yourself – Self Care is Calling

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Join Mary and her part-time cohost Lindsley Brooks in the 2nd episode of this month’s topic of SELF CARE.

Most people think of self-care as pampering like massages or getting your nails done.

But there’s a deeper part to self care that often gets overlooked and is way more important…Emotional Self-Care.

Most of us have never learned about emotional self-care or been given the tools we need to navigate emotionally caring for ourselves.

Unfortunately, we aren’t even aware that we need emotional self care until we have a pinched neck, we’re snapping at our kids or firing off a mean email to a co-worker!

If this sounds familiar, you’ll love today’s episode! 

Because today we are busting the myth that self-care is selfish and teaching you the importance of emotional self-care! 


🎧What is Emotional Self-Care

🎧What are boundaries and codependency and how they directly connect to emotional self-care.

🎧Warning signs that you’ve self-abandoned and aren’t practicing self-care

🎧Your childhood wounds that keep you from emotionally caring for yourself

🎧How good healthy boundaries are the key component to self-care

🎧How to discover your “non-negotiables” so you can have a healthy emotional self-care life

🎧Surprising real life examples of how Mary and Lindsley practice emotional self-care on a daily basis

🎧And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. 

November’s topic will be on SELF CARE. 

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