S2: EP 20 – The Root To All Your Money Problems

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Your relationship to money is just a mirror of your relationship to yourself. In fact you don’t really have a relationship to money;you only have a relationship to your thoughts about money.
— Kyle Cease

What is money?

Whatever our thoughts are around money, they create an emotional reaction. Fear. Stress. Panic. Uncertainty. Etc. You are reacting to your judgements surrounding money. Not the actual money itself. 

After all, it is just paper and yet we have so many psychological issues tied to it.

It only has charge because we’ve attached a emotional charge to it. By itself it is nothing. It’s a peace of paper we use as currency. It hasn’t done anything to you, it hasn’t chased you down a dark alley at night, it doesn’t have a magical Harry Potter kind of mouth piece on it to tell you what a horrible person you are for not having more of it, and it certainly has never convinced you to stay at a job you hate. It’s JUST MONEY.

It only carries the energy we give it. Money doesn’t carry any value except for the value that we give it. This is why I love talking about money. Because it’s never about the money. It’s what we make money mean that is way more interesting. 

So what’s fascinating about this, is that money gives us an opportunity to heal some old limiting beliefs that we’ve been carrying that are most likely showing up in a lot of other areas in addition to just money. As the old saying goes. “How you do one thing. Is how you do all things.”

common limiting beliefs around money

which ones you might be operating from and ones that feel familiar:

  • If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it

  • It’s not polite to talk about money

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • You have to have money to make money

  • Money is the root of evil

  • People with money are selfish and self centered

  • Everyone can’t be a millionaire

  • You can’t buy happiness

  • Rich people only care about money

  • If you are rich, you can’t be spiritual

  • More money more problems

  • I’m not smart enough to earn a lot of money.

  • If I have too much money, I’ll have too much responsibility.

  • I shouldn’t make more money than my husband

  • The rich get richer, and the poorer get poorer

  • Money is a limited resource

  • I’m not good with money

  • Money = security

  • Money = freedom

  • Money = happiness

  • I have to do things I don’t want to do to make money

  • I have to hustle hustle hustle to earn money

    These are all the judgements that we’ve attached to money and our experience of it. It’s not the money itself. That’s why we call them BELIEFS about money. But all of these beliefs are little indicators where we can press in and trace back our blocks to money.

Most of our thoughts around money boil down to some kind of scarcity or lack. Money is usually the cause of our problems and the savior from them. If we had more money our lives would be better, BUT and this is where is gets intriguing, BUT… either we are not enough in some way, we don’t have access to it, someone else is to blame, there is not enough…. NOT ENOUGH.

And when we have a perceived LACK – we try to chase it. Find it. Fix it. It’s the idea that we are starving and we will do anything out our state of survival to find food. That’s often how we relate to money. Because that’s how we are relating to ourselves. 

To me the shift happens when we can adopt 2 new beliefs: I AM ENOUGH. AND THERE IS ENOUGH.

Essentially, what we are trying to get and what we are seeking – we actually already have. 

The answer is from within – not from something external.

Freedom doesn’t come from money. 

Peace doesn’t come from money.

Security doesn’t come from money.

Love doesn’t come from money. 

All of that. ALL OF THOSE THINGS. Already exist within ourselves. 

And so when we attach these meanings to money “Once I make money I will feel…. Once I get rich then I will feel…” we are robbing what is available to us right now. It’s like we’re pushing it further and further away from ourselves, when we could have those things right now.

Money is just a mirror for us to see where we are wanting, where we have a fear that needs some loving attention, getting more money won’t take away the fear, the fear is there to help us learn how to hear it, address it, and release it. The fear is just an old story and it needs some updating. It’s not real. When we find ourselves panicked about money, or stressed about money, or anxious around money… there is something deeper at play. Again it’s not about the actual money. Maybe it’s because we don’t feel free, or don’t feel safe, or we don’t believe in ourselves, or we don’t trust our Higher Power, or we are scared to receive – our feelings and emotions around money are our teacher. 


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