S2: EP 26- Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

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What I love about the language of EQ is that these are a set of noncognitive skills that when you become aware of them, they can really change you.
— Jillian Mclaughlin

Exploring Your EQ

Join Mary, her special co-host Nathan Freitas, and their special guest: Certified Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coach and founder of Mclaughlin Mentoring, Jillian Mclaughlin.

Jillian discovered her passion for Emotional Intelligence-based leadership coaching while steering iconic brands such as Dove, Sunsilk, and Sunlight and leading the multi-disciplinary teams that support them. Jillian balances an active lifestyle of working mom, entrepreneur, wife, athlete and friend with the methods and skills of EQ.

On the first episode of this month’s podcast I talked about the anatomy of emotions and how we are really feeling is often us rehearsing old emotional experiences. Last week we talked about how to be emotionally mature, so you can feel them and use them in a constructive way. Today is going to be a little different. We are going to get into the science and skill set of developing your emotional intelligence. 

Listen as we chat about how the knowledge of EQ and self awareness it brings is crucial to the success of your business and relationships.



  • What is EQ and how its different than IQ

  • How critical the language of EQ is to our self awareness 

  • Creating strategies to leverage your strengths  

  • Why people with highly developed EQ’s are more successful in business

  • Why your environment matters  

  • The importance of impulse control in decision making

  • What makes up your happiness index 

  • What sets EQ apart from other assessments 

  • The different realms of the EQ wheel 

  • AND MORE! 

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Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. 

February’s topic will be on Emotional Intelligence. 

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