S2: EP 29- Tools for Grounding Amidst COVID-19

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Your power lies in your ability to take action.
— Tony robbins

Tools for Grounding Amidst COVID-19

On this episode join Mary and Lindsley as they share their tools for grounding during times of fear and panic. The things we are experiencing in the world right now are triggering our very deepest and primal fears around survival.  When fear gets triggered inside of us we all have an individual response. However, there are universal tools for grounding that we can all use, no matter what our response to fear might be. Mary and Lindsley will share with you the tools they use to shift out of fear, ground, and come back to love and light.

We took a little detour this month considering everything that is happening not only in America, but across the globe. We have to acknowledge that the energy of fear and panic is palpable right now and that can be exhausting. It’s normal and natural to be experiencing a lot of emotions all at the same time.

How we feel emotionally is directly related to our energetic body. There are ways to charge that up, and feel more safe and more secure. To anchor yourself into truth.

There are so many things that are out of our control. Our instinct is to want to be in control. It requires a lot of self-awareness but it is important to be able pause when things are out of our control and recognize what our unique autopilot response is to attempt to regain control. This is an opportunity to recognize our fear cycle and what triggers it.

Is it social media?

Is it headlines or the news?

Is it your friends or your family?

Is it being in certain environments?

Once we have recognized what is triggering our fear cycle, we can make different choices around what we choose to engage and participate in. Then we can choose to ground.

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5 Tools to Come Back to Grounding

1) Come back to your body by connecting with your senses. Try this exercise- Focus on 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can smell, 2 things you can taste, and 1 thing you can touch. This will help you activate all five sense and be present in the current moment.

2) Connect to the earth. You want to focus on being rooted. From a seated position think of roots coming down from your sits bones and going down into the earth and rooting you. There is something so powerful about earth energy. The earth restores and provides. Anchoring to the earth element gives us a sense of safety and belonging. When we feel safe it boosts our immune system and balances everything in our body.

3) Call in the light. Imagine a giant sun above as source energy. You can call that energy God, Jesus, a Higher Power, Source, Buddha, Universal Energy…whatever most deeply resonates with you. Connect to the light and heart of that Source. The opposite of fear is love. The opposite of darkness is light. And now more than ever we need to connect with love. The way through is staying connected to the light. Mix source energy and grounding energy and you are charged up.

4) Take action. Taking action snaps you out of the trance. Their is danger in feeling helpless and hopeless. You can’t feel helpless or hopeless if you are taking action. It reminds us of our purpose. Whatever you have to give has a place. Each of us has a part to play. Ask yourself “What can I give?”

5) Control the controlables. What can you do that feels like normalcy? Keep your mind occupied in healthy constructive ways. Address your emotions, but keep moving and take the next right steps.

Let’s share love and spread love as often as possible.


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March’s topic will be on FEAR. 

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