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You only ever have one client to worry about. This client. The one in front of you right now.


On this episode, join Mary as she kicks off this month’s new topic of SUCCESS. She will discuss how to navigate selling with authenticity and integrity during the current climate in our culture. Mary has started several different businesses over the years and currently has 3 multi six figure businesses. This month she will be sharing her own success story and will be joined by some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs she knows. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, multi-level marketer, or free lancer you won’t want to miss it!

Many entrepreneurs feel hesitant to promote their product or what they offer right now. We don’t want people to feel taken advantage of. We don’t believe that people can afford what we have to offer. We don’t want to feel pushy when people have so many other concerns right now. 

But what if we have a responsibility in all of this?

What if people desperately need what we have to offer more than ever?

What if what we can give is what keeps the economy going right now?

What if we are being invited to approach our businesses in a new and fresh way?

What if we have the opportunity to serve people on a level that we have never been able to serve them before?

If our economy is going to be able to thrive and bounce back we must continue to do business.

5 secrets to Sell With Integrity

  1. We have to let go of the vision – We have to widen our lens. Detach from how we thought this year was going to be. Flexibility, pivoting, shifting, being nimble – these are the buzz words right now for a reason. If we stay rigid and married to the old vision, we loose out on what the opportunity could be right now. What did you think you customers/clients needed? How has that shifted? What business are you really in now? What do your people really need? 

  2. We have to challenge our assumptions I don’t want to take advantage of people…I don’t want to ask people to pay me something right now when they are tight on money… No one can afford me right now… People are just purchasing the essentials… I can only do my business if I can physically present… I’m just one of those industries that can’t adapt. These are all LIMITING BELIEFS. Where are yours?

  3. We have to start having conversations – No sale happens outside of a conversation. Your clients want to feel heard, seen, and understood. When was the last time you actually reached out in a way that started a personal conversation? People are inundated with online messages right now. So we have to slow down to connect. When you focus on serving the person in front of you so powerfully, adding immense value, that person will never forget your conversation. Listen. Be curious. Be present.  

  4. We have to actually HELP – Lots of people are offering watered down solutions. They hide behind catchy marketing, great graphics, amazing email campaigns… but are they really helping? Do your homework on your prospective client or customers. For lack of a better term: stalk them. Find out how your services could actually help them personally. This takes time, but it’s so important. We need to partner with people. Give them the vision of how their life will change. Help them enter into possibility thinking. Help them see what they can’t. The reason they are exactly where they are is because they don’t know how to see it differently. People really only care about one thing: CAN YOU HELP ME? Be willing to be the first person who tells them the truth, be honest with where you see their problems. If you can give them what they really want, they will become your customer or your client for life. 

  5. We have to stay confident – People want to know what to do. Especially right now. Whatever you are selling is the SOLUTION. Be confident you can help. Right now there is so much uncertainty, people want to be able to rely on your confidence and certainty. The truth is, when you are confident people will hire you. Even in your doubt and fear, be confident in your solution.

When we can come from a place of service and love we can help contribute to positive change and solutions in other people’s lives. The sky is the limit.


-Our responsibility to keep the economy moving  

-The shift in how we are running our businesses in light of COVID-19

-The limiting beliefs around the importance of what we have to offer

-Learning to sell in a way that is authentic to who you are

-How it’s not our job to manage people’s pocketbooks 

-Being confident that what you offer is needed NOW 

-5 secrets to selling with integrity

-And much more!

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April’s topic will be on SUCCESS. 

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