S2: EP 34- What Sets You Apart with Special Guest Justin Wise

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If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.
— Maya Angelou

On this episode, join Mary and her special guest Justin Wise.

Justin helps driven online entrepreneurs attract attention, secure right-fit clients, and grow profits through constant experimentation. He’s spoken to thousands about marketing & business-building at conferences such as Infusionsoft’s ICON conference and the Digital Media Summit. Justin has consulted with over 200+ businesses, non-profit organizations, and countless coaches, consultants, and service-providers. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa (by choice) with his wife, Kerry, and three children.

As entrepreneurs we often think that everyone knows what we know. And yet, our unique way of processing is our secret weapon. Once we can define the core structure of our product or service and name our signature method, it’s on! And the best part is that this isn’t something we need to learn, it is something that already exists within us, and it’s been there since we were born. We just have to tease it out so other people know our process. Step by step. And once this is clear, this is when our business becomes easy to market and easy to sell.

As we begin to experiment with different ways of reaching our clients a sense of fear and uncertainty may come to the surface. But once we embrace our way of doing business, our core structure, we can walk into that with confidence. We need to be able to identify a clients desired result, and then map out how we can uniquely take them from where they are to where they want to be. This is why it is so important to figure out your expertise. What are you better at the 99% of the population?

That is how you begin to build your business. That is how you identify your process.

Then you need to go to your people. Talk to them. Ask them what they need. And then ask again. Whatever you are creating needs to fill you personally and needs to be what the market needs.

Once you know what you bring to the table, and what your clients need, then you need to create options.

So often in business we find ourselves wanting to swing for the fences. Wanting to go straight for the kill. When we do this we miss out on the opportunity to create options for clients coming from all places and to demonstrate our value to clients with all levels of needs.

Top 3 tips for thriving in business right now

1) Reduce your economic footprint– Identify your must have’s, nice to have’s, need to cut’s and adjust what you are spending on accordingly  

2) Protect your existing revenue streams– Work with existing clients who might need help paying for your services because finding new clients often costs more than giving current clients a discount. 

3) Stay the course in your marketing– Everyone has cut their marketing during Codiv-19. There are tons of deeply discounted ways to market yourself right now. Keep your marketing budget the same or create one, even if it’s small.


-Experimenting with how you communicate with your clients 

-How to ask for feedback to identity what your super power is

-Using direct feedback from clients to create powerful content

-Identifying your core structure and process

-The importance of giving the steps in your unique process creative titles

-Why Justin screens people to join his newsletter list

-Justin’s “Base Hit” Philosophy to create instant fans 

-3 tips for thriving in business right now during COVID and beyond 

-And much more!

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