S2: EP 40- The 411 on Adult Dating with Lindsley Brooks

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Sometimes you don’t need to be dating, you need to be healing.
— lindsley brooks

On this episode, join Mary and Lindsley as they discuss their adventures in dating! Last week we talked about how to have intimacy with yourself first and then how to show up as your true self in order to create healthy connections. But what about dating? How many of us have bounced from relationship to relationship, seeing the same patterns showing up every time, and wondering how do we stop this? We are in a culture obsessed with dating. The thought of being alone for many is our worst fear. We find ourselves constantly looking for someone to fill a void and make us happy, only to be disappointed over and over again. Often times we are attracting exactly what we are. Two half people coming into a relationship won’t make a whole. Having to heal alongside someone else is much harder than healing alone. We will attract healthy partners when we do the work to get healthy ourselves.

How can we enter into a relationship from a place that is conscious and mindful instead of repeating past patterns and cycles? Often our unhealthy relationship patterns will show up in different ways in different relationships. We need time alone, to learn ourselves. To be comfortable with ourselves. To learn our needs and our wants. To heal. When we get alone and know ourselves well we can make decisions from a solid sense of self. 

When we do the work in order to bring our whole self into a relationship, we will attract someone who is also a whole self.

Even when we show up as our best self in our relationships, even when we spend time by ourselves and do the work, we will still have things that will get triggered. This is because there are somethings that can only be healed inside a relationship. If you choose someone who is conscious, present, and doing their own work you can work through so much together.


-How to enter into a relationship from a conscious and mindful place.

-The fear that we will miss “our person”

-How to break the cycle of broken relationships

-Paying attention to red flags

-Challenging societal norms about men and women in relationships

-Dating as a spiritual practice

-And much more!

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I know that creating honesty and intimacy in a relationship is harder than it sounds, and sometimes we need a little help to invite our relationship into a deeper level. So I’ve created 10 questions you and your partner can ask each other on your regular date nights.

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Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. June’s topic will be on RELATIONSHIPS.

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