S2: EP 43- Manifesting 101

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“Manifesting is acquiring the experience of what it is that you want to feel, and then being, living and believing in that experience. And finally, allowing that experience to come into form.”

— Gabrielle Bernstein

On this episode, join Mary as she dives into this month’s topic of manifestation.

When we are connected to the highest source of LOVE and aligned with our highest selves, we can truly manifest whatever we want. But on the contrary when we are stuck in old beliefs, anxieties, and fears we block the very things we desire. We are creative beings and have the amazing gift to be co-creators in our lives. We can choose to have an active role in creating our reality. We do not have to stand by helplessly feeling like nothing we do matters. Our intentions create our realities. When we pair what we want to create with purpose, service and consistent focus – we become unstoppable manifestors.

Think back about a time when you manifested something. It may have almost seemed like a coincidence, or a miracle the time. But what you focus on increases, the more energy you give a thought or fear or idea is like a giant magnet calling it towards you. If you are going to positively begin to manifest you have to think of yourself as a magnet. A giant tuning fork. Whatever energy, vibration, thought you put out into the world, you are calling it back in. That’s why we have to recognize we are actively creating our experience ALL the time. 


5 Step Process To Manifestation

  1. Clarity- Get super specific and clear on what you want to bring into your life. Where we experience interference is when we have a conflicting vibration, belief, or energy that is creating static in the flow. We might be saying we want something, but our energy and our subconscious is projecting another kind of energy that is conflicting. So we have to get clear on what those limiting beliefs are, and get clarity around our personal “static” so that we can get rid of that old noise that’s in opposition of what we want. Once we recognize the old stories we are operating under, we can transmute that and tell ourselves a new story…So the clarity is 2 fold. Clear on what we want, clear on our blocks.

  2. VisualizationYou have to reference your future to create your future. You have to be more connected with your future than you are your past. The outside world in the present cannot dictate your internal state. This is where it gets fun, because when you focus on your internal state that influences your external experiences. So it’s moving in to out, not out to in. You can see it in your mind first before you see it in your life. This is THE most important step of this whole process. Without this piece, you won’t be able to create a new present.

  3. Feeling- I love talking about attaching feeling and emotion to everything we do. To our affirmations, to our goals, to our visualizations, to our mediations. Feeling into what we want to create, connecting to the emotion beyond why we want what we want in life is the quickest way to charge up the magnetic or energetic frequency or vibration. This is the embodiment piece of the puzzle. This is where we begin to prime our body and our mind so that we can create a new future.

  4. Repetition- We need to focus on consistently affirming, creating, and hardwiring in this new identity. This is where we begin to act as if. Something I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein is what she calls Daily Design. It’s 4 questions that help continue to realign ourselves back to love. Back to our highest self. Back to Source. And to our soul. Repetition means becoming aware when we are out of alignment and then we bring ourselves back to alignment. Every morning start out with these 4 questions.

    1. How do I want to feel today?

    2. Who do I want to be today?

    3. What do I want to receive today?

    4. What do I want to give today?

  5. Surrender– This honestly to me is the hardest step, this is the one that truly becomes a spiritual practice. high involvement, low attachment. Get your ego out of the way. Can you let the universe support you? Can you let go of the control and fear that you are all alone and have to do it by yourself? Can you have faith and trust? That is what surrender is. Allowing yourself to be met. Being willing to open up, hand it over and receive. When you are in the flow, when you are in alignment, then you can release and trust.


“If you focus on the known, you get the known. If you focus on the unknown, you create a possibility.”

— Joe Dispenza


-What it means to be a co-creator 

-How the universe works and your part in it

-How your thoughts and intentions create your reality

-How being in autopilot is keeping us stuck

-The importance of feeling into our future

-My 5 Step Process to Manifestation 

-And much more!




Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. July’s topic will be on MANIFESTATION.

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