S2: EP 45- Manifestation Or Privilege? With Liz Eskridge

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When we identify where our privilege intersects with somebody else’s oppression, we’ll find our opportunities to make real change.
— Ijeoma Oluo

On this episode, join Mary and her executive assistant, Liz Eskridge, as they talk about the roll privilege plays in manifesting. For those of us born with privilege there can be several pitfalls to overcome when manifesting the life we want. How much more so that is true when you aren’t born into privilege. When the challenges we face daily are heavy and overwhelming it can be seemingly impossible to even allow yourself the space to dream of things being different or to have hope for a new or better future. What responsibility do those of us with privilege have to our neighbors who don’t share that privilege? What if we can play a part in helping to build and manifest together? What if we all used the gifts, talents, and resources we have available to us to help not only manifest the lives we desire to live but also use what we have to help our neighbors do the same. 

When we are trying to manifest we have to have trust. We have to believe the world and the universe is safe place. That it is safe to ask for what we need and desire. And then we need to trust that our needs will be met. It is massively challenging to lean into that trust when you are just trying to get your daily needs met. When you are born into a society where you are seen and treated as lesser than because of the color of your skin, when you are born into a society where you are not physically safe because of the color of your skin it could present a lack of trust and confidence that the world is a safe place and you are free to access whatever you need.

For those of us who are born with privilege, who are born safe, we have a social responsibility to continue to pursue good things and manifest good things so we can share with those around us who don’t have access to the same privilege we inherently have. We as people can be the answer to others prayers and manifestations. Co-creating isn’t always just us partnered with God or the Universe. It’s Us+God/Source+Others. For those of us aware of our privilege, or even who are just waking up to even the idea of privilege, we have the opportunity to partner with our neighbors who don’t share that same privilege and who have been oppressed. Manifesting is never independent.

We have made manifesting mysterious and elusive. It is so much simpler than we have made it. But it starts with trust. We have to believe that there is something higher than us that wants what’s best for us. We have to believe that the entire process is rigged in our favor. Even when things feel like they aren’t happening when or how we want them to happen. This is the whole concept of faith. It stretches us. When we do the work to face and overcome the challenges and pitfalls we face in manifesting the lives we desire, we then can partner with those around us to do the same for them.


-The pitfalls we all face when trying to manifest  

-How we can co-create not only with the universe but with one another 

-How we all play a roll in creating a better world for ourselves and others

-If manifestation is only available to those of us born with privilege

-How trauma can keep us from being able to tap into our hopes and dreams   

-The power of speaking things out loud  

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. July’s topic will be on MANIFESTATION.

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