S2: EP 46- Becoming Your Future Self

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Our actions are our beliefs in motion. Our actions mirror our beliefs.

On this episode, join Mary as she wraps up this month’s theme of Manifestation by sharing how we practically can begin to live lives where we are manifesting consistently.

We often believe that our external life affects our internal state, but in reality our external state is a mirror to what is happening internally. Mary explains how you can begin to reference your imagined future to proactively create your future self and future life. How would you feel if your desired reality was real? Then practice feeling that. How would you act if your desired reality was your reality? Then act in that way. How would you carry yourself if your desired reality was your reality? Then carry yourself that way… This new way of being creates a subconscious roadmap to assist you in creating your new reality. And as you partner with your co-creator, your life beings to shift.

We think our life is created from the outside in, and in reality it moves from the inside out. 

The practical way manifestation works:

B – Beliefs

E – Emotions

A – Actions

R – Results

If we are going to shift anything in our life, we will at some point have to address the B. In order to really manifest, we have to start with our beliefs. What do we think is possible? What limits have we placed on ourselves, the world, other people, and God? Where is the disconnect? 

Sometimes trying to pinpoint what the limiting belief is can be difficult and we need to skip to our actions. It’s possible that by changing our actions, they can change our beliefs. It’s not a total linear process. By starting with our actions we can reverse engineer this scale. 

When we consistently start acting in new ways that feel more aligned with our future self, it begins to shift our belief.

New action, leads to a new result, that then gives you the external proof needed to sustain a new subconscious belief.

So what does that new action look like? And even beyond that what does it look like to be in new “aligned” action?

2 Approaches to moving into Aligned Action

Daily Consistent Behavior to Practice

1)Watch Your Language– Our words are creative agents. Eliminate words form your vocabulary like- never, can’t, should, have to, etc.

2)Affirm Your New Reality- Replace your negative vocabulary with positive affirmations and descriptors of what you want your life to look like.

3)Act As If– This is where we introduce pretending into the mix.Every result you are after, has actions associated with them that are congruent to the result. Acting as if, means doing those actions ahead of time before it’s caught up with you.

Consistent Manifestation Spiritual Practice

For 3-20 minutes of your daily meditation practice practice visualizing their future reality and feeling into their future with an elevated emotion. We want to actually SEE our future. So often we are playing out stories, narratives and imagery of our past then ends up just creating the same result over and over again. What we see is our roadmap for the future. And in order to live into something new, a new life, a new way of being, a new reality, we have to be able to create the picture in our minds ahead of time. We need to PRACTICE the feeling of how we will feel in the future. This is like intentional/active daydreaming. 

This the part we have control over. This the part that is in the realm of our responsibility. And then we let go, we hold loosely, we open up, we surrender, and we let God/Source go to work. That’s where the partnership piece comes in as we talked about on the 1st episode. This consistent aligned action is what gets us into the flow, and then we get to receive the goodness that is available to us all. 


-How B.E.A.R. (Acronym) is the model for manifestation 

-How our reality moves from the inside out

-Why we must break old habitual routines and behaviors

-The power of taking new aligned action

-How to live as your future self now

-3 daily consistent behaviors we all need to be practicing 

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. July’s topic will be on MANIFESTATION.

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