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Show Notes

“Are my choices comforting and nourishing my spirit or are they temporary reprieves from vulnerability and difficult emotions ultimately diminishing my spirit? Are my choices leading to my wholeheartedness or do they leave me feeling empty or searching?”

— Brene brown

On this episode, join Mary as she introduces this month’s topic of Aligned Routine. Last week we wrapped up our topic of Manifestation and dove deep into what it looks like to step into action and take responsibility for our part in creating our future. But what happens when we meet resistance? When we find ourselves in a place of shoulds, have to’s, rules… and we are just sick of having to have a routine? Maybe routine hasn’t come naturally to you in the past.

What comes to mind when you hear words like routine, discipline, productivity? Do you have a negative response?

The main problem with the idea of routine is that many of us start of wanting to create a routine and model it after comparing ourself to someone else. In our culture we look to other people to tell us how to eat. How to exercise. How to structure our families. How to have a successful routine. But someone else’s routine will never match your life. There isn’t a better way to abandon the entire idea of routine than to try to adopt what works for someone else without altering it to fit your life.

In order to create successful systems in our lives we need to first align with self. Not with other people.

We need aligned routine. And aligned routine can only be created through connection. We need to lay down comparison and hustle of keeping up with someone else and we need begin to dial into our own life.

4 Connections That Inform Our Routine

1)Connected to Source- We need to first go up and ask for guidance and wisdom from Source.

2)Connected to Higher Self- We need to connect to our soul, the part of ourself that isn’t connected to ego. This is where we can truly hear and connect with our intuition. We already have the answers inside of us.

3)Connected to this season of life- This season of life will be different from any season you have ever had and any season you will ever have again. Instead of holding up a a routine for the sake of doing it because it’s always worked. Our routine has to be informed by this current season of life.

4)Connected to our elevated emotions- We want our routine to feel good. But feel good and easy isn’t the same. Sometimes our aligned routine will need to be a spiritual discipline. When it’s aligned you can be assured it is for your highest good. Even if it doesn’t feel good in the moment, you know it will have a positive affect on your future.


-Why we respond negatively to discipline

-Why we self sabotage when we attempt to create routine

-Why doing what other people do might not work for you

-Why we have to be our truest self to experience connection

-The importance of laying down comparison

-The 4 most important connections to inform our routine

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. August’s topic will be on Aligned Routine.

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