S2: EP 48- Your Enneagram + Your Routine with Lindsley Brooks

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The Enneagram is a tool that awakens our compassion for people just as they are, not the people we wish they would become so our lives would become easier

On this episode, join Mary and Lindsley as they talk about how your personality is key to creating a sustainable aligned routine. This episode is one giant permission slip to be yourself. When thinking about the kind of routine you would like to create you should start by considering how you are wired. When you do this and build a routine based on it, you are setting yourself up for success. We do not have to work against our nature. The more we can give ourselves permission to be in our natural state the more we can create a routine that is catered to our needs, desire, and nature. We don’t have to look to someone else to create a successful routine. We already have everything we need inside of us.

If you have been listening to the show for awhile you are probably aware that we love anything personality typing related! Especially the Enneagram! The Enneagram breaks down 9 different personality profiles. Since we are so complex most if us have pieces of all the 9 different types, but we usually have one dominant profile that we fit into.

What if we used these tools to create our ideal aligned routines instead if doing what we have been told is the ideal. We would probably avoid a lot of shame and criticism of ourselves. We would also likely create routines that we like, that benefit us, and that are sustainable for the long run.

How Routine Might Show Up For Each Enneagram Type

1) The Perfectionist: 1’s love rules, schedules, and habits. They are very disciplined. They will be most naturally inclined to have a traditional routine. It would be helpful for one’s is taking a moment to just drop into their heart and do something a little unconventional once in awhile.

2) The Helper: 2’s are self sacrificing, loving , nurturing, and put others before themselves. Part of their morning routine will likely look like caring for those around them. It would be helpful for two’s to pause and ask “What do I need today? What is asking for my highest intention?”.

3) The Achiever: 3’s are all about hitting the goal and being the best at everything they do. Their habits or routines will likely be something they have read from a book or picked up from someone they consider to be successful. What can help 3’s would be connecting to their own intuition, their higher self, and going beyond their image.

4) The Individualist: 4’s are artistic, sensitive, in touch with their feelings, and introspective. They love ritual. Their routine would be thoughtful, meaningful, and beautiful. It would be beneficial for them to create some structure in their routine for balance.

5) The Investigator: 5’s are very much in their head. They love facts, statistics, processes, and research. They will know the science behind why what they are doing for their morning routine is helpful. It will likely be very structured. They would benefit a lot from movement to get out of their head and feel into their body.

6) The Loyalist: 6’s respect authority and will gravitate to doing what people they respect have suggestions and would prefer to follow a method. They may have some questioning and doubt around routine. If they are fueled by anxiety they may not have a routine at all and will just get tasks done. It would be helpful for them to slow down and connect with the present moment.

7) The Enthusiast: 7’s are playful, extroverted, and optimistic. They thrive in variety. Rigidness will make them want to quit. They need a little structure in their routine but at the same time it would be helpful to mix it up, so they don’t rebel against the whole thing.

8) The Challenger: 8’s are very honest. They have very strong boundaries, they are defenders of the underdog, they can be a little bit like a bull in a china shop, and they are very action oreinted. They will likely being very disciplined in their routine. They could benefit from anything that would help them tap into vulnerability and their feelings.

9) The Peacemaker: 9’s are people pleasers, very slow moving, they are opinionated, and they are very concerned with others needs. They are creatures of comfort. They will avoid the spiritual aspect of routine. A great mantra for them will be “I can do hard things”.

Everyone has a natural way of approaching their day. And none of it is wrong. Another thing to look at when creating your routine is Chronotypes. Chronotypes are how your body is wired for productivity. We tend to fall into one of four categories.

Bear- These people go to bed and wake up with the cycles of the sun. They are most productive before noon. They have a crash between 2pm-4pm.

Wolf- These people are night owls who struggle to wake up in the morning. They peak from 12pm-4pm. Then they dip and have a surge of energy later in the evening.

Lion- These people are early to rise. They are most productive before noon and they are going bed between 9pm-10pm.

Dolphin- These people are usually insomniacs. They sleep very likely. They are most productive between 10am-2pm.

When we implement these things when creating routine we can give ourselves grace and create the ideal aligned routine customized just to us!


-How your Enneagram number can inform your routine

-The basics of your specific Chronotypes

-How following others advice about routine may be setting you up for failure 

-Societal preferences and personality types 

-How Mary and Lindsley’s types show up in their routine

-How to let other people thrive in their individual personal routines    

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. August’s topic will be on Aligned Routine.

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