S2: EP 49- A New Kind Of Spiritual Discipline with Jimmy Jean

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Begin each day with connection. Make gratitude your ultimate spiritual practice.
— jimmy jean

On this episode, join Mary and special guest Jimmy Jean as they take a fresh look on what it takes to create a new kind of spiritual discipline. Jimmy Jean is a certified life purpose coach who is passionate about helping others discover the unique reason they were put on this earth. He is the owner of his own coaching company based in New York and New Jersey. He is also a motivational speaker for schools, nonprofit organizations and corporate companies. Jimmy is a writer who has lent his expertise in personal development to various publications, as well as his “The Road to Purpose” monthly newsletter. He is currently working on his first book, which will be released in early 2021. Jimmy truly embodies his mission of serving, leading and equipping others to become the best version of themselves.

Many of us grew up in in situations where discipline has a connection to punishment. Where discipline meant a list of rules. Laws. Things to cross off of a list in pursuit of being good enough. We were working for grace. When really we are called to live from a place of grace.

We can move from spiritual discipline to spiritual practice. Spiritual discipline isn’t something we master, and that takes the pressure off. There is no finish line. It is an ever evolving practice.

Why do we need a spiritual practice?

Just like boats need an anchor, we need a spiritual practice so we don’t get lost in the current. It connects us to something higher than ourselves . Going up and connecting horizontally to Source, informs and impacts every other area of our life.

Your spiritual practice can be in the every day mundane things you experience. It doesn’t have to be an eleborate thing. You can turn anything into a spiritual practice. Regular moments can become moments of gratitude and worship. Gratitude is one of the highest forms of spiritual practice. To be thankful and have gratitude requires presence. When you are present you start to hear and see things that you may have missed, and those moments create opportunity for gratitude. We have the power to create moments of enlightment through presence.

Instead of following a checklist of things we need to do to fulfill our practice, we need to move as we feel led and leave space to listen and be guided. There is an element of surrender that needs to take place in our spiritual practice in order to connect with Source and our Higher Self. In a year like we are currently experiencing we need more than ever to create space to connect with the light. Source is love and truth. We need to replace our limited beliefs with the truth and we need to connect with love.

Begin each day with connection and make gratitude your ultimate spiritual practice. Turn your spiritual practice into a lifestyle so you’re always in practice. 

It’s not spiritually mastery, it’s spiritual practice.
There is no finish line.
— jimmy jean


-Why we respond negatively to discipline 

-Why we self sabotage when we attempt to create routine 

-Why doing what other people do might not work for you 

-Why we have to be our truest self to experience connection

-The importance of laying down comparison 

-The 4 most important connections to inform our routine

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. August’s topic will be on Aligned Routine.

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