S2: EP 50- The Power Of Trusting Yourself

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A two millimeter shift may not seem like much, but as you carry that small shift out further and further it has a dramatic impact on your outcome.
— Tony Robbins


On this episode, join Mary as she wraps up this month’s theme of Aligned Routine. If you have spent this month considering creating an aligned routine for yourself but there is still some hesitation, this episode is for you!

In the past have you set goals but haven’t followed through? Maybe you’ve tried a morning routine but after a couple of days you just quit. Or have you made a commitment to a drastic life change but didn’t end up with the results you had hoped for… Whatever the case might be, maybe it’s time to challenge the way you’re looking at things. How do we get into action and make it happen? The answer to that question is Self Integrity.

It’s hard to create change when we don’t trust ourselves to be consistent. The more you honor your own word to yourself, the easier it will become to create lasting change. This starts by making small realistic commitments to yourself and keeping them. Commitments that don’t feel overwhelming but that feel life giving. Commitments that will set you up for success with yourself.

Your life aligns with a set of beliefs and values. When we are out of alignment we will have a lack of integrity not only in our relationship with others but also with self. Whats so beautiful about this idea of self integrity is it creates trust with self. This is the practice part of our work. And the more we honor our own word to ourselves the easier this is. 

You can start building self integrity by honoring what you hear when you check in with Source and your higher self. 

Ask “what do I need today?”. And I listen. Honor what you receive.

It takes work to build and rebuild trust with ourselves.You have to make consistent deposits of meeting your needs over and over again to cultivate that trust. Break it down into smal wins. Easy wins. This is how we begin to cultivate trust.

Create a 24 hour plan. Sit down the night before or morning of and create a plan for the day. Be completely realistic. Make it simple. When we are building trust we want it to be over simplified. When we arte building trust we want this to be over simplified. Anything that immediately makes you feel pressure, you need to make it easier to complete. We don’t need to make it all or nothing. We need to create lasting change over time.  

We want the emotion attached to our aligned routine to be one of relief and one of peace. When we create a routine that is based on this foundation it gives us what we need to continue to show up and advocate for ourselves.


-The concept of Self-Integrity 

-Ways to get into action and make it happen

-Creating trust with self

-The importance of small wins

-How to create and keep a 24 hour plan

-Changing your thoughts to stay motivated 

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. August’s topic will be on Aligned Routine.

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