S2: EP 51- Giving Your Soul Permission To Rest

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— Arianna Huffington

On this episode, join Mary as she kicks off this month’s theme of Soul Rest. As we move through the next few months, the election, the holidays, whatever else 2020 wants to throw at us… we need to pause, replenish, recharge, and regroup.

Most of us have spent much of this year in fight or flight. And now that state of survival has become normal. All of this is having an affect on our physical bodies. We need rest. We need to create space to give our bodies the opportunity to come out of that state of defense where our nervous system is over functioning. We need a serious pause in order to be able to take on the rest of this year.

 We’re super depleted. Our bodies are talking to us and we have got to listen.

We are in a marathon, and this is the time for rest and recovery. In order to provide for ourselves, our families, and to pursue the things we are called to, we can not afford to not rest. We need to plan and prioritize our rest so we can take on the rest of this year from a place that is more stable, more empowered, and more focused.

But why is rest so hard for us? What are we afraid of?

Psychological reasons why we don’t let ourselves rest

  1. We think we have to earn it- We believe we have to check everything off the list before we deserve rest

  2. Our culture values productivity above all else- We have a hustle mentality. We believe we are more valuable when we are doing.

  3. Fear we don’t have time to rest – We think we will get behind if we rest- We think if we stop whatever we are building will fail.

  4. We think it’s too expensive and we can’t afford a spa or go on vacation- When we think we can’t have it it goes out of the realm of possibility.

  5. If I rest, someone else will take my spot- Scarcity mindset says “If I slow down someone else is going to go past me”. We fear we will fall behind others.

  6. I don’t need rest- We believe we are above the need for rest.

  7. We’ve lost touch with Source/God/Creator- There is a deep seeded belief we’ve adopted that we are all alone. SELF PRESERVATION. We’ve lost our trust. It’s not safe to rest.

  8. We’re afraid of what we’ll find – There is a reason we stay busy and addicted to drama, fear and anxiety – it’s a beautiful distraction. What will come up if I sit in quiet?

  9. You may not know what rest looks like depending on how you grew up – Rest may not have been modeled for us.

Every religion and tradition has rest built into their rituals and practices. They all have a collection of wisdom that encourage rest. This idea of Sabbath. God Himself rested after creating the universe.

This idea of rest is universal. Not just across religions but also across many cultures.

When we talk about Soul Rest there is a holiness to it. There is a sacredness to it. There is a reverence to it. We need rest to connect to our spirit and soul and to remember that we are humanBEINGS. Not human doings.


-The effect that fight or flight has on our physical body

-Moving from surviving to thriving

-Making rest a nonnegotiable

-The importance of rest in other cultures

-The history of Sabbath

-Top 9 reasons why we don’t allow ourselves to rest

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. September’s topic will be on Soul Rest.

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