S2: EP54 – When Your Soul Is Weary

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“You are what you practice most”


On this episode, join Mary as she wraps up this month’s topic of Soul Rest.

We have spent this month talking about rest. Most of what we have discussed is actual rest… days off, vacation, self care… But there is a deeper rest that we all need. Rest for our actual soul. If you find yourself feeling things like weary, fatigued, worn out, apathetic, depressed, heavy, or sullen, you need not only rest for your body but rest for your soul.

Especially in overwhelming seasons like we are currently living in it can be hard to know what kind of rest we really need.


-We start to isolate

-We start breaking commitments

-We start craving lots of sugar or alcohol

-Our nervous system runs hot, we forget things, we are jumpy, we play out worst case scenario ideas 

-We don’t sleep well

-We feel hopeless

-We feel like giving up

-We feel like nothing that we do or say will matter

-We are extra emotional “for no reason”

-We stop dreaming

-We essentially have no bandwidth for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary

Soul rest is about grace. Receiving. Letting ourselves be helped. Releasing perfection. We need to pausing the hunt, the fight, the chase, the get. And come into a posture of allowing and receiving. Think about how often your ego is striving for approval. Trying all day every day to hit the boxes. Even in our spiritual and self development. Soul rest is less about doing, and more about being. It’s letting our soul lead vs our ego.


  1. Permission – to pause, to let go, to stop hustling for my worthiness. This is probably the most important element. We have to choose rest. We have to stop all the chatter about why we can’t, or shouldn’t, or mustnt. 
  2. Remember – We need to remember that all is okay. That we are fully capable. That we are already enough. That we are already deserving. We don’t have to work for those things.
  3. Presence – This requires that we disengage. We get off social media. We start to focus on what is right here, right now. We notice, we become aware, we are mindful of what is happening in this exact moment. Slowing down to be fully present in the here and now.
  4. Digest – our physical bodies cannot actually digest our food when we are in a state of severe stress or trauma. It literally stops. It stops absorbing the nutrients we need. This is also true for ourselves emotionally. When we are learning from a place of desperation, sometimes we just need to sit on it. Stop taking in more information. Let what we’re learning settle. 
  5. Integrate – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients who have read all the books, who have been to all the seminars and conferences but are still struggling. Still running on fumes, still lost, still stuck, still wishing their life was different than it was… and it boils down to their ability to apply, practice and be consistent with what they’ve been learning. Knowledge isn’t the problem. Implementation is. In order to create massive change in your life, you have to integrate what  you’ve learned. You have to create a regular practice around it. Your habits have to change. You actually have to use your tools. Underlining words in a book is not enough. 

Are you practicing rest? Or are you practicing stress?

It is so important for us to have markers for ourselves so we know when we are resting. It won’t be easy at first to allow space for rest if it isn’t something we are used to. It will look different for all of us. Make a list of things that are restful for you. Then when you feel your soul asking for rest you have a list of things you can do that you know will bring life and rest to your soul.


-The warning signs of a weary soul 

-How striving for approval is wearing us out 

-Having boundaries around the negativity we let in

-Bringing presence to the moment 

-Being flexible in creating space for rest 

-Creating a realistic plan for soul rest

-Mary’s 5 elements of soul rest 

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. September’s topic will be on Soul Rest.

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