S2: EP56 – Walking Away From The Old YOU with Special Guest Bentley Caldwell

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On this episode, join Mary, and her very special guest and boyfriend, Bentley Caldwell, as they take a deep dive into the journey of transition from an old self into a future self. How many of us have found ourselves stuck? Stuck in careers we dread showing up for everyday. Stuck in relationships that are holding us back and bringing us down. Stuck in situations that stopped being life giving a long time ago… but we don’t know how to move on. Where do you even start? At the very beginning. Sometimes we need to pause, strip everything away, and remember what brings us joy. In order to construct the life we really desire, we often have to walk away from our current situation before we even begin walking towards a new life.When we do this we create the space to remember and pursue the things our soul needs to truly feel fulfilled and connected to our purpose. 


-Knowing when it’s time to walk away

-Why evolution is the key to happiness

-How the pursuit of joy is the only thing that matters

-Allowing ourselves to be the student again

-Stepping into your future self right now

-How to manage the awkward messy middle

-Mary and Bentley’s 3 tips to confidently move into a new season of life

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. October’s topic will be on Necessary Endings. 

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