S2: EP62- The Essence Of Femininity

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Join Mary as she kicks off this month’s topic of Femininity. There is something about this concept of being a woman that is intriguing and sometimes even illusive. We receive subtle messaging from all over the place about what it means to be a woman. It is usually ushered in as a list of rules about how we should show up as women in the world.  

These rules, “shoulds”, and expectations are usually formed by our family of origin, region we grew up in, and religious background. Our cultural conditioning around what it means to be a woman begins from birth, and is different for all of us. We are put in a box about what it means to be a woman with little to no reference to our personal traits and gifts. 

Once we begin to identify these rules, that are personal to each of us, we can begin to define femininity for ourselves. When we pull back the layers of messaging we have received over the course of ours lives we become free to define femininity from a place that it is empowering, expansive, and solid. We get to create a new blueprint. 

There is beauty in stepping into our femininity from a place of power that you have defined for yourself. Only we can individually choose what this looks like for each of us. When we don’t have this defined we will look to external sources to define it for us. We will look to media, diet culture, porn, our family, our religion… for a list of boxes to check off. When we look to something outside of ourselves to dictate how we are supposed to show up as ourselves, we will fall short every single time. But when we are free to take our cues from our own experiences and create our own definition of femininity that takes into account the unique way that we each show up in the world, we can really step into our power and beauty as women. 


-How our culture impacts our definition of femininity

-The difference between traditional femininity and modern femininity 

-How location, family of origin, and religion inform how we see ourselves as women   

-Creating a new blueprint of femininity 

-Stepping into femininity from a place of power

-Multifaceted femininity

-Tapping into your feminine wisdom

-And much more!



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. December’s topic will be on Femininity. 


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