S2: EP63- Exploring Feminine Archetypes

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her guest co-host Lindsley Brooks as they explore feminine archetypes. Many of us are familiar with the zodiac, we may even know what our sign is, but many of us don’t know that we possess attributes of each of these signs. 
As women we have a lot of suggestions, expectations, and roles we are expected to follow and fulfill. That often puts us in a box and leaves us in a space of confusion about how to embody womanhood on our own terms. We aren’t encouraged to explore all aspects of who we were created to be and show up in the world.  In reality, as women, we are created to be multidimensional. 
We were created to operate from power and sensitivity. 
From intuition and magnetism. 
When we learn about all of these types we are able to better see their characteristics in ourselves, nurture them and cultivate them, and feel confident accessing them in different seasons of our lives. 


Three overarching archetypes

1) The Maiden- When we are in a season of innocence and play. We want to play, create, and express ourselves.
2) The Mother- When you are in the nurturing/care taking season of your life. You are cultivating something. There might be a struggle in this season around letting go.
3 )The Crone- The wise woman who has integrated everything she has learned in past seasons of life. She has allowed all of her seasons to be lessons.
We have been or will be all of these at some point in our lives. We also have access to all of these at anytime. We can stop and notice also what judgements we might have towards each of these archetypes.
There is also a connections with the 3 main archetypes and the 12 zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has its own energy and brings something different to the table. We may have main characteristics that we most identify with, but we have access to all of the attributes of every sign depending on on the season or time of year. We can acknowledge and identify whatever season we are in and can tap into whatever energy or archetype we need to aide us in whatever is currently happening in our lives. 

The 12 Archetypes

Aries-Energetic, Independent, Autonomous, Enterprising, Decisive, Aggressive, Impulsive, Excitable, Competitive, Playful, Youthful Spirit

Taurus– Sensual, Artistic, Hard Working, Indulgent, Frugal, Earthy, Persevering, Resilient

Gemini- Inquisitive, Curious, Chatty, Communicative, Eloquent, Clever, Indesicive 

Cancer– Nurturing, Intuitive, Sensitive, Loyal, Protective, Caring, Maternal or Paternal, Imaginative, Emotional

Leo– Creative, Exuberant, Talented, Special, Prideful, Life of the Party

Virgo– Inquisitive, Communicative, Eloquent, Clever, Indecisive, Nervous, Worrisome

Libra– Cooperative, Artistic, Social, Refined, Partner, Harmony

Scorpio- Transforming, Intense, Penetrating, Healing, Suspicious, Morbid, Repressed, Destructive

Sagittarius– Benevolent, Expansive, Optimistic, Broad-Minded, Extra, Exaggeration, Misjudging, Pompous

Capricorn- Hard working, Determined, Mature, Committed, Judgemental 

Aquarius– Forward thinking, Avant-Guard, Original, Inventive,  Innovative, Progressive, Erratic, Rebellious 

Pisces– Inspiring, Idealistic, Artistically Sensitive, Devotional, Empathetic, Chaotic, Confused, Escapist

-The 3 overarching feminine archetypes 
-The 12 main feminine archetypes 
-What happens when we suppress parts of ourselves as women    
-Learning how to embrace all the feminine facets within us 
-Recognizing your resistance to certain parts of your femininity 
-The shadow side of archetypes
-Finding balance in the feminine and masculine
-And much more!
Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. December’s topic will be on Femininity. 
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