S2: EP68- Intuitively Connecting To Your Purpose With Lisa Jane

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her special guest, Lisa Jane. Lisa Jane is a Soul Purpose Coach, Speaker & Intuitive. Her mission is to help women awaken to their soul’s purpose & fully step into it as an entrepreneur.

We are typically trained to look outside of ourselves for answers. Books. Family. Friends. Spiritual Leaders… outsourcing to find direction. But our soul’s purpose is not limited by constructs of society, by rules, by finances, fads or others’ opinions. It’s limitless. 

Our soul’s purpose already exists within us. We already have the answers. When we have the tools we need to connect with our true desires without limitation, this is when we can truly uncover our life’s purpose.  And once we let our intuition guide us, we can connect to our true purpose and allow it to flourish. This is the birth place of deep fulfillment.

If you have found yourself on your current path consistently unhappy, lacking joy, experiencing burnout, physically sick, feeling unfulfilled, if you know you are here for something more… it is time to go within yourself to find your purpose. 


Tips To Connect Your Purpose

Meditate- Go within. Invite in your soul. Invite in your High Power. Ask for direction. Connect with the answers. 

Journal To Connect With Your Desires- If meditation is hard for you, start with journaling. Ask the questions. Write down the answers you receive. 

When we choose to ask ourselves questions like “What would I do if money wasn’t a factor”, we can begin to strip away the confines we have constructed around our purpose and really connect with our desires. We need to remove the rules around what our purpose can be. 

We all have limiting beliefs around our purpose. Maybe you don’t think you are good enough, don’t feel worthy, don’t even feel like you know what you want. We haven’t been taught how to hear the deep whisper of our soul and it is often drowned out by judgements and expectations that block us from connecting to our purpose. 

This is why cultivating our relationship with our intuition is so important. Meditation and journaling everyday can help you connect with yourself. It can build a relationship and trust between you and your intuition. This creates a beautiful relationship where you can hear it and trust it. 

When we connect with our purpose we will get a deeper understanding the importance of who we are in the world and the impact that we are here to make. 



The power of questions to unlock your truth  

2 easy tools to uncover your life’s purpose 

Removing the rules around what your purpose can be 

Ways to uncover what your desires are 

The common limiting beliefs that block our purpose

Finding true alignment with our purpose 

Getting rid of the “shoulds” that hold us back

Why sometimes you have to buck the system to live in your purpose 

The importance of practicing possibility thinking

And much more!



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. January’s topic will be on PURPOSE. 


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