S2: EP69- How To Express and Fulfill Your Purpose

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Show Notes

“Your dharma is not about the destination, but rather the journey of embodying who you truly are at any given moment.”

Join Mary as she wraps up this month by talking about creating a blueprint to help you fulfill your purpose. We were all  uniquely created for a reason. Once we understand who we are at our core, it is much easier to craft the life we were meant to live.

When we can define our purpose by asking “The purpose of my life is to be {fill in the blank}, to enjoy {fill in the blank}, and to do {fill in the blank} for myself and others.” this is how we begin to craft our blueprint. It is our life’s mission statement. When we have this deep understanding of our purpose we can create a blueprint to help keep us on track and focused on our mission in this world. 

This allows us to show up for our purpose. It frees us from comparing our purpose to others. It frees us from allowing others to tell us who we should be. It allows us to see the value in who we are and the gift we have to offer the world. We have to believe that no one person’s purpose holds more weight or value than someone else’s. Each of our individual purposes, though different, are of equal value and are deeply needed. Your purpose is yours.  It will embody who you are at any given time. It will grown and change with you. There will be threads of consistency throughout your blueprint even as it changes. 

There are things in your makeup and personality that will never change and will show up in all seasons of life. Many of these unique threads will show up in characteristics that may show up in personality tests or strength finders. These can help you understand your purpose through your unique abilities by exposing ways you are naturally wired.

 Your unique values will also always show up in purpose in every season. Taking the time to identify these will help you figure out how to prioritize and seek out elements of your purpose.  As we grow and change our blueprint will move and grow with us. We can stop and evaluate our blueprint at any time and make any adjustments needed. The more we grow and learn about ourselves the more our blueprint will adjust. However, what we value in our lives will stand the test of time and show up in our blueprint in every season of life. The enneagram is a great way to begin to identify your core values. 

1: Perfectionist/Reformer = Integrity and goodness

2: Helper/Giver/Mentor = love and altruism

3: Achiever/Motivator/Performer = worth and advancement

4. Individualist/Artist/Romantic = significance and authenticity

5. Investigator/Thinker = wisdom and insight

6. Loyalist/Skeptic = community and security

7. Enthusiast/Visionary = freedom and openness

8. Challenger/Protector = truth and justice

9. Peacemaker/Mediator = harmony and connection


When we are creating our blueprint we are looking at our values, our strengths, how we express these things, and how we want to be in service to others. Our purpose always includes others. When we are connected to our souls purpose there will always be an element of service and giving. 

Finally, living in our purpose will always include enjoyment. It doesn’t always have to be so hard. When you are in your purpose and no one else’s there will be an ease, a flow, and a joy that can only be found when you are living and doing what you were created to do.


Crafting a blueprint to live out your purpose

The journey of embodying who you are as you evolve 

Why understanding your values helps you express your purpose

How knowing your Enneagram helps you live out your purpose

The elements that can help you create your blueprint

Staying in alignment and finding your joy in your purpose 

How your expression of your purpose changes over time

And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. January’s topic will be on PURPOSE. 

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