S2: EP-73 Body Confidence Mindset 101 with Kairah James

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her special guest Kairah James. Kairah is a Body Confidence and Health Coach. Her mission is to empower women to feel confident in their bodies through mindset, nutrition, and fitness. She discovered her passion for coaching while in university. Though she had always dreamed of becoming a doctor, halfway through completing her degree in Health Sciences she realized that wasn’t the path for her. With no idea what she was going to do with her degree, she found herself at the gym where she worked with a trainer who helped her see what she was truly capable of. That experience had such a profound impact on her life, which is when she knew she was dedicated to helping other women unleash their full potential. 

We often believe that if we can just get to a certain size or shape then confidence will automatically come along with that. The truth is that many women have what we may consider the “ideal” body and still don’t feel confident and comfortable in their body. 

We need to identify confidence apart from our bodies. What characteristics do you see in other women that present as confidence to you? 

Once you identify those things you can “act as if” you are already that person! You don’t have to fit in a mold of what confidence is or looks like. You can create your own mold. Ask yourself “Is this really my goal?”. 

But is it possible for us as women to know our true voice without there being outside influence? How do we get back to our internal voice when it comes to our bodies? 

It can be difficult with so many outside voices. This is when you stop and ask yourself “why?”. Why do you want to make the changes you want to change? Is the answer one that will improve your life? Or is the answer because it is what someone else has or says that you should be or have? 

Mindset is the foundation of body confidence. It isn’t just about how you look but it is about how you feel in your own skin. How you think about yourself will manifest in how you carry yourself and how you interact with other people. 

Hatred towards your body is learned. We can see everything that is wrong and overlook all the beauty. Mindset is a practice. When you are in a place where you are feeling negative about your body you will have to practice noticing those thoughts, and then practice telling a new story. When you have an end in mind you can act as if. You can show up as the end goal. When you see the difference between where you are and who you want to be, you can pinpoint the places where you will need a mindset shift. 


-Truly embodying body confidence 

-Defining confidence for yourself

-Talking to yourself the way you would a child

-Mindset as a practice

-Breaking the cycle of negativity towards your body

-Becoming aware of your negative thoughts towards your body

-The freedom of enjoying yourself without hyper focusing on your body

-Acting as if you already are 

-And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. February’s topic will be on BODY CONFIDENCE. 

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