S2: EP-74 5 Elements Of Mindfulness

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Show Notes

Join Mary as she kicks off this month’s topic of MINDFULNESS. Did you know that you have creative agency over your life? You have a say so in how your life plays out. You can’t create anything good in your life without becoming aware of how you got to where you are right now.

Definition of Mindfulness: A mental state achieved by focusing ones awareness on the present moment. While calmly acknowledging ones feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. 

With mindfulness we are just bringing awareness to where we are in the given moment without attaching criticism to it. When we do this we take the focus on what is happening externally, and place our focus on the internal. When we can focus on the internal that is the gateway to change. 95% of our thoughts are unconscious. When we aren’t actively aware of our thoughts we give our power away. From that place your can’t create the future you desire. Mindfulness allows you to take that power back and shift our lives.

“…the energy of attention. It is the the capacity in each of us to be present one hundred percent to what is happening within and around us. It is the miracle that allows us to become fully alive in each moment. It is the essential basis for healing and transforming ourselves and creating more harmony in our family, our work life, and our society.”

When we get stuck in patterns in our life we can break through to a new life by bringing our attention fully to the present moment. We don’t have to be victims of our minds. We can control our internal environment and begin to make changes.

5 Elements of Mindfulness:

  1. Paying AttentionListen to, watch or consider what naturally exists without trying to deny, avoid or alter it. 
  2. On  PurposeTurning off the auto-pilot. Intentionally increasing our awareness.
  3. In the Present Moment – This requires a focus on the here & now…the only place that true happiness can reside. 
  4. Non-Judgementally Judgements keep us unconscious because it becomes unsafe to look more deeply whereas curiosity allows us to see things and connect the dots.
  5. As if Your Life Depended on It – Carpe diem:  Why waste time ruminating about what we can’t change (past/future) instead of opening up to all that life has to offer us, including a sense of aliveness and connectedness to our present moment experience.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Helps to regulate emotions

  • Reduces anxiety and fights depression and fights PTSD

  • Improves academic performance

  • Fights memory loss

  • Notice destructive habitual patterns and change them

  • Understand ourselves and our relationships more deeply….being less reactive and more empathic

  • Enjoy just being, in addition to doing

If we are going to create a life we love we have to begin to down regulate our emotional state and mindfulness is the way we do that! Tara Brach has a practice called RAIN that is designed to do just that.



What am I feeling? Name it. Where do I feeling it in my body?


Observe it with non- judgement, be open to feel it, sit with it, don’t rush it, or fix it, manage, control, deny or run, create space, simply let it be.


Once we notice what’s happening we can deepen our awareness.

What am I longing for?

What is this here to teach me?

Where is this experience trying to lead me?

What am I believing?

Where do I feel this in my body?


What do I need?

What’s the kind thing that I can do right now?

What would love do?

Mindfulness can be brought into every moment of our every day lives.

Mindful eating, mindfully washing dishes, mindful walking, mindful brushing your teeth, mindful showering, mindful waiting in traffic or in line…slowing down, doing one thing at a time, and noticing all the nuances of movement, using all of our senses to really feel what it is that we’re doing instead of multi-tasking and losing the experience of the present moment.



– The definition of mindfulness 

– The science behind mindfulness 

– The 5 Elements of mindfulness

– Why awareness is the 1st step to living fully alive

– Understanding the power of the present moment

– Becoming aware of our thoughts without judgement 

– The 4 step process to cultivate more mindfulness

– And much more!



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. March’s topic will be on MINDFULNESS. 



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