S2: EP-75 The Power Of Writing It Down with Allison Fallon

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her very special guest, Allison Fallon. Allison is an award winning author, sought after public speaker, and nationally recognized writing coach. She has worked with thousands of people to realize their writing potential and become published authors. She is also no stranger to this podcast and one of Mary’s dear friends!

 Listen as Mary and Ally talk about how the circumstances of the last year have affected their practice of mindfulness. There are seasons in life where we are wired to step into survival mode. In these times we won’t always have the capacity to dedicate time or space to personal growth. We need to bring compassion to ourselves in these seasons. When you are in survival all of your energy and attention goes to meeting those needs.

Then when you get beyond that point, it is crucial to be able to allow those circumstances to build a strong foundation in order to help you navigate and weather the next storm. While also allowing ourselves space to cope, we can also access tools we have gathered along the way to help us in these seasons.

Writing is one of these tools for many people. Writing has been shown to be incredibly powerful in boosting the immune system. Utilizing writing can help bring your brain waves down from survival back into resting and digesting. 

The infinity prompt in one way to begin to utilize writing as a tool. 

Step 1– Choose and event from your life that feels charged.

Step 2– List out the facts of the situation. Just tell yourself what happened. 

Step 3– List out the thoughts you have about the situation. “The story I am telling myself is…”

This process can help you begin to uncover and become mindful of patterns and programs in our thoughts. That gives us the power to shift it. 

Your only opportunity to change your patterns is to take look at them. As you write your story in the page you see the inner landscape and you can begin to create meaningful change. 


– How mindfulness can help you navigate hard times

– Giving yourself grace during challenging times

– Discovering the tools to help you see beyond the current moment

– Why it’s ok to give ourselves permission to cope 

– Why writing is a powerful tool to help process emotions 

– The power of writing to boost your immune system

– Ally’s personal writing prompt that will change your life

– And much more!



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. March’s topic will be on MINDFULNESS. 



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