S2: EP-78 Navigating Trauma With Mindfulness & Movement with Lauren DeVera

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her special guest, Lauren DeVera. Lauren DeVera is a certified life coach, positive psychology practitioner, mindfulness/yoga teacher, and choreographer dedicated to empowering others through movement, mindfulness, introspection, and self-care. She received her degree in Dance Performance and Communications from Old Dominion University and has been teaching professionally for 11 years. A distinguished thought leader and educator in the arts community with performance and teaching credits including The Kennedy Center, Howard Theatre, Dance Place DC, Culture Shock DC, World of Dance, BET, CW Network, George Washington University, NPR, and Dept. of Energy. Combining her love for people and the arts, she created and founded The Lion’s Den, an inclusive community connecting through movement, wellness, and self-expression. A passionate self-care facilitator, Lauren thrives in hosting workshops and wellness events centered around connection, transformation, and living on purpose. She’s the host and creator of the Thrive + Thread podcast, a sacred soul space for others to lean into self-love, personal growth, and creativity. You can find her reading, writing, and drinking coffee in her free time!

Lauren’s history as a dancer has helped her cultivate a relationship with her body, which has led to an integrated mindfulness practice. Sometimes stored trauma in the body can keep us from feeling comfortable and safe in our body. Movement and mindfulness is not one size fits all. There needs to be an awareness as to what each of our bodies has been through, and how we can modify things to fits each of us as individuals. 

When we can show up with non harmful judgement, and notice what is, we can get outside of ourselves and are better equipped to make decisions based on our needs. This can help us validate our feelings and show up with delicacy for ourselves. 

When we can get above ourselves and notice what is showing up, or not showing up, for us can help us respond instead of react. This is one of the gifts of mindfulness. We can notice what is showing up and process what we need and how we can move and show up fully as our best self. 

Mindfulness can also be very powerful when practiced in community. Witnessing one another’s experience and holding space for others is a beautiful practice that allows us to grow not only as an individual, but also in relationships. We don’t always have to show up perfectly or have the right things to say. Just sitting with others, witnessing their experience, and practicing active listening can be powerful tools to mindfully show up in relationship with others. 


– How movement is a powerful mindfulness tool

– As a leader, learning how to stay present while teaching

– Practicing non-harmful judgement with yourself

– Navigating self judgement with awareness

– Learning how to integrate all parts of yourself

– AAPI racism and trauma and navigating that with mindfulness

– Validating your emotional response during traumatic events 

– How to support and hold space for others during difficult times

– The importance of active listening 

– The power of community when processing trauma

– The intersection between faith and mindfulness practice

– And much more!


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. March’s topic will be on MINDFULNESS. 



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