S2: EP79- Identifying Your Core Wounds

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Show Notes

Join Mary as she kicks off this month’s topic of Core Wounds. Our first core wound is the originating moment when we stop believing we are whole and deserving of unconditional love, and we start believing that there is something wrong with us

Your Core Wound is the deepest pattern in your subconscious mind. It's the first chakra block / limiting belief / negative emotional pattern that you experienced in this human life. I often refer to the Core Wound as "the center of the onion." If you think of all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs as layers of an onion that grew on top of each other like layers of an onion, the Core Wound is the very first layer on which all the others are based. When you heal the Core Wound, all of the other layers lose their foundation and begin to dissolve.

What we believe about ourselves, about others, about the world, about God, about money… all come from this core wound. These beliefs are often subconscious. When we work to identify our core wounds and see how they are impacting our subconscious beliefs about how the world works, we can begin to dismantle those beliefs allowing us to live a more full authentic life. 

Top 6 Core Wounds

  • Abandonment Wound. – You’ll have a fear of losing someone or something, including yourself. You tend to attach to people in unhealthy ways and may have co-dependent tendencies. You have a fear of opening up your heart fully to someone as this has often led to rejection or pain, which is something you fear experiencing again. 
  • Rejection Wound. You will feel trapped, wanting to escape when things get challenging. You sometimes feel shameful about your past choices, or guilty about honoring yourself or your truth. You’ll find it difficult to trust yourself and others, which stems from a fear of failure.                                         
  • Intimacy Wound. You will feel shameful or guilty about past sexual choices and experiences. You may have been through at least one sexual trauma, such as assault. You’ve experienced abuse of some kind and grew up in an emotionally unsafe environment which caused you to repress how you feel.
  • Vulnerability Wound. You’ve been mocked for your past choices, which may have caused you to experience an unsafe environment or experience. Someone you love has caused you to doubt yourself repeatedly and you often worry you’ll make the wrong choice, so you don’t make a choice at all or change your mind a lot. This also stops you from taking action and moving forward. 
  • Responsibility Wound. You often worry about being judged and the idea of letting other people down is crushing to you. You tend to worry excessively and feel so overwhelmed, you procrastinate. You avoid being seen because you’re afraid of success, but you probably tell yourself that you need to ‘create a plan’. The plan keeps you safe and stuck.
  • Burden Wound.You often feel a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach and get overwhelmed by day to day tasks. You worry about disappointing others and you desire to change but still remain stuck. You have a reason for everything that you can’t accomplish and create stories that only serve to justify your inaction.

When we can name and see our core wound, we can then soothe it. This is when we can invite ourselves into freedom. 


– Where core wounds originate 

– The 6 top core wounds people experience 

– How our beliefs are shaped by our core wounds 

– How we compensate for our core wounds

– The illusion of working for unconditional love

– How common core wounds show up in our lives

– Finding your true authentic self

– How core wounds impact limiting beliefs 

– Steps to heal your core wound

– And much more!



Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. April’s topic will be on CORE WOUNDS.


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